Tips for Buying Your Child’s First Pair of Shoes

Buying a child’s first pair of shoes is a big step because it frequently means they’re starting to walk. Kids need shoes that will keep them safe and cozy so they can comfortably interact with the world around them. Before browsing any shops online or in person, take a moment to learn these easy tips for buying your child’s first pair of shoes. 

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Support Healthy Growth 

A critical element in a kid’s shoe is space to accommodate foot growth. Toddlers need the ability to grow comfortably and wiggle their toes freely, so ask your shoe provider about the toe box space.

For example, if you browse kids’ shoes designed for first-time walkers, you’ll notice designs specifically created to accommodate foot growth with spacious toe boxes, adjustable straps, and an overall flexible design. If you find elements like these in your child’s first shoe, you can start their experience on the right foot. 

Watch Them Walk 

Let your toddler take the shoes on a test run to see if they support or hinder movement. Watch your child move around in the shoes for the first time and see whether the shoe is snug or sliding around and whether it’s providing proper stability with each step.

Of course, pressing your thumb to the shoe to see how much space is available is a good indicator that a shoe is the right or wrong fit, but seeing the footwear in action is invaluable. If it seems like the right fit for your kid, then there’s one more tip to follow—remember the brand. 

Remember the Brand 

A child’s foot grows much quicker than an adult’s, thus requiring replacement shoes sooner than adults typically will. So, one of the best tips for buying your child’s first pair of shoes is to take note of the brand so you can return to them in a few months for your child’s next pair.

More specifically, you can return to the brand if the performance of the first shoe was perfect. If not, you can avoid the brand next time and find a better fit. Once you have the ideal fit for your child, you can provide them with the support they need to explore the world safely.

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