3 Effective Ways To Soothe Your Teething Baby

If you are struggling through long days and sleepless nights while your sweet little baby is teething, you are not alone. Parents everywhere deal with the often frustrating process of teething. Fortunately, there are methods to keep your child comfortable during this time. Here are three effective ways to soothe your teething baby.

Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA on Pexels.com

Utilize Teething Toys 

Using teething toys is the first effective way to soothe your baby while their teeth are coming in. When your child is teething, they need something to relieve the pressure they feel from the incoming tooth. However, one of the many mistakes to avoid with teething babies is letting them chew on anything.

Instead of letting them chew on random items, provide your child with the appropriate teethers and teething toys to help relieve their pain. You can find many different styles, such as specialized rings, toothbrushes, blankets, and various other teething toys.

Use a Cold Washcloth

A cold washcloth is another helpful solution for your teething baby. An age-old method that can mitigate their discomfort is wetting a washcloth with cold water and letting your baby chew or suck on it. You want to ensure the washcloth is clean before using it, as you want to avoid any unwanted bacteria or germs. Be sure not to leave your child unattended once you give them something to chew on.

Refrigerate a Pacifier

The third way to calm your baby during teething is by refrigerating a pacifier. Cold temperatures help to numb and cool the affected area where your child’s tooth is breaking through the gums. Therefore, putting a pacifier in the freezer or fridge to let it cool down before offering it to your baby is a fantastic solution.

Some companies even make specialized teething pacifiers that are also effective. Just make sure to check the pacifier’s temperature before giving it to your child—you don’t want it to be so cold that it causes further discomfort.

Now that you have three helpful tips to soothe your teething baby, you can use these strategies with your child today. Make sure to try out several methods to find out what works best for your child because every baby has unique needs.

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