Ring Care: Tips for Preserving Your Wedding Ring

Wedding rings hold an incredible amount of sentimental value that we cherish for ages. As a long-lasting representation of your union and devotion to your partner, you’ll want your ring to continue to reflect that symbolism. However, as permanent jewelry, wedding rings can experience scratches, dirt, and grime that tarnish their appearance and dull their shine. Here are some tips for preserving your wedding ring so that you can maintain its beauty and value. 

Photo by axecop on Pexels.com

Periodically Clean Your Ring

While it’s critical to clean the diamonds and gemstones to remove dust, sweat, and grime, there is such thing as too much cleaning. Scrubbing your jewelry too often can result in scratches that dull its appearance over time. 

A general rule of thumb? Clean your wedding ring at least three times a year to preserve the sparkle.

Have a Professional Check Your Ring for Stability

Wearing your ring every day means you’re sure to bump into a few things here and there. Everyday wear can loosen or bend the prongs securing your diamond or gemstone. Don’t be afraid to take your ring in to ensure that the prongs are stable. 

If you’ve scheduled a trip to your local jeweler, make sure to bring all those precious rings with you. In addition to your wedding ring, you should also have your engagement ring checked. A pre-owned engagement ring will need to be examined as it is likely to have been exposed to greater amounts of wear and tear.

Refresh Have the Metal Setting Every Few Years

Keep in mind that the precious metals in the band need attention as well. The type of metal will dictate how your jeweler will have to refresh the metal setting. 

For example, yellow gold and platinum require polishing every few years to bring out that shine and smooth its appearance. However, they must dip white gold every few years to replace the plating and luster.

Store Your Ring Properly

Those tiny felt boxes where your wedding ring once sat are still helpful years later! Any jewelry boxes with soft padding are the ideal storage spaces. They’ll protect your ring from collecting other dust and dirt. 

Don’t Skip Out on the Warranty

Warranties can prove more valuable than you’d think! They’re contracts that cover the cost of repair and replacement should your ring come defected or damaged. These warranties will protect your ring for an extended period.

Maintaining and caring for your wedding ring isn’t a difficult task; however, tarnishing its appearance can be just as easy. So save yourself the hassle ahead of time with these tips for preserving your wedding ring so that your jewelry can shine just as bright as the love it symbolizes. 

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