What You Should Know Before Adopting a Dalmatian

Owning a dog, especially a dalmatian, is a major responsibility. Although you and your kids may love the appearance of these dogs with their cute faces and distinctive spots all over their bodies, they can require a lot of maintenance. Learn what you should know before adopting a dalmatian so you can anticipate the level of commitment you and your family will take on.

Dalmatians Are Very Active 

One thing you should know before deciding to add a dalmatian to your household is that they are very active. Before purchasing this breed of dog, ensure you have enough room in your home for them to run and play. They have a lot of energy to burn off, and a big backyard will help them do that. 

Otherwise, if they become inactive, that can be a problem for you as a dalmatian owner since they might look for something to do that causes you problems. If you ever need someone to watch your dog for a short period of time, try leaving them with a dog daycare service since that can help them with getting rid of that extra energy. 

Some Can Carry Health Issues

Another thing you should know before adopting a dalmatian is that they sometimes have health issues. For example, a large percentage of these dogs have unilateral hearing, which means that they are deaf in one ear. However, this should not have an impact on their behavior.

Dalmatians also can develop kidney and bladder stones since their livers have difficulty breaking down the uric acid. Because of this, you may have to watch their calcium intake or give them medication.

These Dogs Are Best With Older Children

Dalmatians can be friendly dogs, but they also sometimes have fear of aggression. When very young children grab the dogs with their hands, they can trigger this condition in the dog. With that in mind, you should wait until your kids are older to get one.

Dalmatians make much better companions for older children. You also won’t have to worry as much about whether the dog is gentle enough when playing with your kid.

With this knowledge, you can decide whether a dalmatian would be a good addition to your family. If you add a pet, you will likely live with it for a long time, so choose wisely.

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