Kid’s Top 10 Favorite Day Trips!!

I have received a lot of request for Day trip suggestions.  So I asked my kiddos what their top 10 favorite summer day trip destinations are and this is what they said…and I totally agree with their choices! Here is their list, (in no particular order)…


  1. Rolling Hills Water Park Ypsilanti, MI
  2. Hands on Museum Ann Arbor, MI
  3. COSI  Columbus, OH (FREE admission with Imagination Station Membership)
  4. Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, Dayton, OH (Free admission with Toledo Zoo Membership)
  5. National Museum of the US Air Force Dayton, OH
  6. The Spangler Factory Co. /Dum Dums Bryan, OH
  7. African Safari wildlife Park Port Clinton, OH
  8. Jungle Java Ann Arbor, MI
  9. Kalahari Sandusky, OH
  10. Sauder’s Village Archibold, OH

Since all 3 could not agree on the same 10 here are a few additional destinations that the older two (7 & 8 year old) liked…

Cedar Point Sandusky, OH

Scrap Box Ann Arbor, MI

Kelly’s Island


Here are some tips for making travel easy and fun!

What are your family’s favorite Day trip destination? Please share…no matter where you live (never know when we might be in your neck of the wooods)


Day 2: African Safari Wildlife Park

Well, I have had some time to process the fact that the kiddos have HFMD.  I have contacted all the kiddos parents who planned on attending the b-day party on Sunday and explained the situation. I changed our “yes attending” R.S.V.Ps for all immediate playgroup meetups to “not attending”. And my hubby has contacted the parents of children our children have been in contact with this past weekend.  Minus the entire water park of course, to bad there isn’t an app for that. I do feel horrible about the fact that we might have exposed more children.  Although, it does seem like HFMD is going around, and as a close confidant of mine stated, HFMD is the new chickenpox, and maybe she is right?  Maybe 20 years from now my grandchildren will be receiving the HFMD vaccine and I will be sharing the story of when my children had HFMD.  I would tell them about today and how their grandfather called off work to stay with me and the kiddos. How he had a great plan for having a fun-filled family day with the children that did not involve them being around others but was sure to guarantee a memorable experience, one we would cherish……..

We told the children we had a fun afternoon planned but that it would remain a surprise until we arrived at our destination. Sure enough, a tough game of 20 questions followed, they were so eager to know where they were going. Thankfully lunch via drive-thru lead them off the trail for a few minutes and they got to eat their food in the car since they were contagious, which just added to the entire experience. What is it about a drive-thru and eating in the car that is such a treat to a child? Forty minutes later and we were there….

African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton Ohio

It was the perfect park for our little ones.  They could stay in the car the entire time so we didn’t have to worry about them coming in contact with others.  It was so much fun! I have to say I was honesty surprised at how much I truly enjoyed this experience with my family.  We purchased 4 cups of grains and 2 bags of carrots to feed the animals and let me tell you there is nothing cuter than those animals’ big brown eyes peering into the car; of course, they only come a close second to the big blue eyes of my babes gazing back at them.  Having the animals come up to your car and feed them was so cool……


Of course it was a little difficult to capture the entire giraffe. His head was so large that his nose took up the entire window cavity. Then my hubby decided to open up the sun roof for easier access. Being able to feed a giraffe while in the car with my family was by far my favorite.


After we, and by we, I mean my hubby, son, and I fed the animals I grabbed the hand sanitizer. Squirting hand sanitizer that contains alcohol onto a child’s hand that has HFMD is not recommended. What follows is screaming, then panting, and a sincere question of “why would you do that?”. What’s even worse is when your mom quickly grabs her water to pour on the burning hand in hopes of cooling them off only to realize she has a lemon in the water.

I felt so horrible, poor kiddo. But besides the hand sanitizing and lemon water incident the day was wonderful. If it wasn’t for HFMD we probably would have experienced this outing with friends and we might have missed out on this amazing family bonding experience. Should I be thanking whoever my kiddos contracted HFMD from?  Since it was the HFMD that made us not include others in on this experience? Maybe….just maybe there is a blessing in disguised?