Horseshoe Bend

It was hard to leave Antelope Canyon X, like literally exhausting walking up and out of that canyon. With that 2:30pm Arizona sun beating down on us, and the heat radiating up from the sand and the sides of the canyon it felt like an oven. The actual temperature was 103 degrees and it had to of been at least 5 or more degrees warmer as we walked out of the canyon. And by that point of the tour we were down to our last few sips of water, my best advice, conserve your water for your walk up and out of the canyon. And take your time walking up, continue to embrace the beauty and breathe, in through the nose and out through the mouth…don’t over exhaust yourself because there will still be some daylight left (I believe their latest tour time is 2 or 3pm) and there’s SO MUCH of Arizona to see! Our next stop is Horseshoe Bend!

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