Real or Fake?

Where do you stand when it comes to the Christmas tree, artificial or real? My father might have been the original Clark Griswold, some of my earliest and fondest memories are of getting all bundled up and heading out to the frosty majesty of the winter landscape in search of one of the most important Christmas symbols, the Christmas tree. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to continue the tradition with my children. Though I will admit it’s not all warm hugs, smiles, compliments, matchy outfits, and hot cocoa topped with whipped cream that all the Instagram posts make it out to be. It’s more like an adventure or welcomed parental challenge if you will, there’s some resistance, etiquette, and ultimately a compromise. Resistance? Who could resist such a magnificent family experience?  Tweens and Teens. 

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Cutting down the Tree

Saturday was the Ohio State/Michigan game a.k.a. ‘The Game’ and around these parts that is a HUGE deal! Talk about “fandom”! When someone asks you your blood type they don’t mean A, B, O, etc.  They want to know if you bleed maize and blue or scarlet and grey.

I have been a loyal Ohio State fan since I can remember…actually I am pretty sure I was just born that way. Lol! I come from a long line of Ohio State graduates (my grandfather, father, brother). But over the last couple years I have found my attention diminishing. I don’t know if it is the distractions of motherhood, Christmas preparations, the fact that I married a Boilermaker, or perhaps a combination of the three but my interest has started to dwindle.  So this year we decided that instead of watching the game we would embark on an adventure, an exciting excursion. We would start a new family tradition, we would grab our saw, bundle up, and set forth to find the perfect Christmas tree!

Why a real Christmas tree? Well, our reasoning was two-fold. We had always anticipated getting real trees once the children were older and no longer crawling or placing things in their mouths.  I have such fond memories of cutting down the Christmas tree with my family as a child I really longed for the day I could enjoy it with my children. And secondly, my husband had just traded in his car for a Ford F150 truck.

xmastree 015

Thus, the bed of the truck would be the perfect means for bringing home a tree.  So we bundled up, stopped at Starbucks for refreshments (city folks, I tell ya…haha!) and headed to Michigan. On the way my hubby and I got into the holiday spirit by sharing some humorous bantering back and forth that mostly revolved around the movie Christmas Vacation… We’re kicking off our fun old-fashioned family Christmas by heading out into the country in the old front-wheel drive sleigh to embrace the frosty majesty of the winter landscape and select that most important of Christmas symbols.

When we arrived at the tree farm it was deserted. There wasn’t another family in site. We parked and walked up to the hut inquiring about the location of the various tree types and cost.  The attendant was so kind and answered our questions then went back to listening to ‘The Game’. So we set forth on foot in search of the perfect tree.  

xmastree 001

Now, if you have had the pleasure of watching a Charlie Brown Christmas you are aware that ‘the perfect’ tree means something different to each of us.  For example, our 3 year old found the perfect tree, a little 3 footer. “Mommy this tree is perfect…can I have this one? “ Can you say adorable!? 

xmastree 002

After explaining that each of us would not be going home with our own tree and a few disappointing expressions that followed, we continued on our search.

And then we spotted it! To be entirely honest I am not certain who spotted it first. The angle of the sun gave the impression of a spotlight being cast down from the heavens as if to say ‘this is the one!’. And there were 3 little angels singing O’ Christmas tree and the hubs started to saw away.

xmastree 008

And then the hubs and our little man who was so eager to help took each end and carried it back to the hut.

xmastree 011

Once there the children stood and watched in awe as the machine bundled up the tree in twine….fascinating stuff. Lol!

xmastree 013

Then came time to pay. As we went up to pay the game was blaring. As the announcer exclaimed with much anticipation “They are going to go for it!”. Well apparently it was the final few seconds of the game and Michigan was going to go for 2 pts which would be a win for them….the score was 42-41.  And the attendant started yelling out to other workers exclaiming “they are going to go for it…I would just tie it up”. So we all stood within ear shot of the announcer as he exclaimed that Ohio State won! The enthusiastic expression on her face was quickly replaced with disappointment.  I felt a little bad as we loaded up the Michigan Tree in our Ohio State looking truck and booked it for the border. But it also felt a little good…maybe I am not as distracted as I had initial thought…apparently my blood type is still scarlet and grey. Lol!

xmastree 014

The moral of this Christmas tree excursion is….

Never get a Christmas tree during ‘The Game’ again….turns out we missed a fascinating game.

So, did you catch the game? Does your family prefer artificial or real Christmas tree? Do you have a fun family Christmas tree tradition? Please share