Toledo Mud Hens & Hollywood Casino!

We started off our night by kissing our kiddos goodbye knowing they were in the loving care of grandma and grandpa.  Then we hopped in the car and headed to Fifth Third Field to watch the Toledo Mud Hens!  

I have a confession, I am not a huge baseball fan, I like to go for more of the ballpark experience.  I guess I am girly that way.  I enjoy the ambience of the park, the cheering crowd, the music, the food, kiss cam, fan fashions, and all around fun experience!

Last night was especially fun because we had the pleasure of meeting some amazing parents of triplets who joined us for the game! It made my night.  They were so darn cute….though I don’t think they received the memo that there is not crying in baseball, lol!

After the game we decided to take a detour home and hit Toledo’s new Hollywood Casino!

I am not a huge fan of gambling, in fact, I see it as I am already ahead before I step foot into a casino and I prefer to keep it that way. But again, just like baseball, I like the ambience, the crowd, décor, food, drinks, excitement, and fun that often accompany the Casino atmosphere, just not gambling.

Upon arrival and entering the actual casino I was carded, loving this place already!! They carded me and not my hubby, awesome!

The interior is amazing, the high ceilings, Art Deco décor, sounds, lights, music, and grandiose posters really assisted in portraying an old Hollywood vibe. But beyond the décor and overall feel of the environment I wasn’t all that impressed.  For some reason I had it in my mind that there would be more entertainment options besides gambling. Why? No idea. I think I thought there would be a show area or spa, or something for us wives who aren’t huge gambling fans to do while the hubby plays a game of poker. Not the case, which is a shame because the theme is old Hollywood and they could have included a theater where they showed old Hollywood movies or maybe a Hollywood themed small spa for mani/pedis, or just something in addition to gambling. I had foreseen maybe a Moms Night out in the future but after touring the casino I don’t know.  Will I go back? Hmm….maybe?  But it will not be an establishment that we will frequent.

What is your take on Casinos?  Have you been to a Hollywood Casino?