Kid Curated Art Show!!

Here in NW Ohio we have been receiving some unseasonably cooler temperatures. Thus our typical go to summer activities, like slip ‘n’ slide, waterparks, lounging at the pool, basically any and all water related activities have all been placed on hold till the temperatures rise.  So what are the kiddos to do on these long cooler summer days?  Here is a boredom buster that takes more of a creative twist, have the kids host and curate an Art Show!!!


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Hosting and curating an Art Show is a great way for children to build on life skills such as team cooperation and patience, to listen to others and practice verbal queuing.  It is a great way for children to express their creativity. And best of all, it is fun!!!


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What you will need:

  • Index cards
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Glitter
  • Stickers
  • Construction Paper
  • Any additional art supplies you have on hand
  • Allow kiddos to raid the recycling bins



  1. Sit all supplies on the table and encourage the children to each make at least one piece to enter in the Art Show. Let their imaginations soar!! Let them draw a picture, create a sculpture, their imagination is literally the limit! If you do have any kits on hand feel free to use those too! (This is a great way to clean out your arts and crafts bin and use up random items) You can allow them to become as sophisticated as they would like….from simple coloring book pages to intricate sculptures and/or paintings.lakehouse14 694
  2. Once they have completed their pieces give each child an index card for each of their masterpieces and instruct them to write their name, the name of the piece, and the medium used.  
  3. Then have each child pick a window to hang their masterpieces (or lay them nearby if they can’t be hanged with masking tape).  Have older children assist younger children with hanging up their art work.
  4. Have children make invites for parents or other sibling to addend if they wish.
  5. Then let the show begin!! Have each child take turns being the curator and asking the other artist about their work.

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Why not let them express some of their culinary skills too! Help them bake and decorate a cake, cupcakes, etc. and have refreshments ready afterwards!


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Ground rules:

It is advised to have a brief conversation before the show. Express to the children that in order to participate all artist must be polite, kind, and respectful of the other artist works. Questions are encouraged but feedback must build up not tear down.


How have you been spending these cooler summer days?

Upcoming topic: Eating out at restaurants with kids…..please feel free to share you thoughts, love it, hate it, prefer not to, share tricks and/or tips…and you will be featured in post.