Game Night Throwback: Mall Madness!

For game night this evening I thought it might be fun to pull out one of the games I played with when I was a kid, Mall Madness! It had been forever since I heard the cha ching of the speaker as the credit card slid across.  I recall such fond memories of playing the game with family and friends and thinking one day, one day I will have a real credit card and can go shopping, it will be so much better than this silly game. My poor naïve 9 year old self, the game is way more fun than real life. Haha!

tea_mallmadness 044

As I opened up the lid I started wondering why I hadn’t brought it up from the basement sooner. Why did I wait all these years to play it again? Then I grabbed the directions and read the following…


Now you can shop till you drop as you rush from store to store! But before you start your shopping spree, you get to build your mall!

WHAT?!…was all that thankfully escaped from my lips as I glanced at all the parts and pieces that needed to be assembled? “Building the Mall” was going to take a good ½ hour. Kids today don’t have that kind of patience! Thankfully we had our little architect with us and he went to town putting the mall together. In fact, I think he even had fun assembling it.  

tea_mallmadness 021

Game on! Literally! That’s one thing I really liked about this game that others lacked, the speaker unit.  The speaker unit tells you how many spaces to move and where the sales and clearances are, granted they change like every 3 turns but it is nice that it is automated and not manual. Let’s put it this way, it is really difficult to cheat in this game. There is no dice, cards to read, etc. what it says to do, you do. Simple (once you get past the whole building a mall step) and to the point, my kind of game! And best part, mommy can take a potty break and the kiddos can keep playing through without me…mommy doesn’t have to hold it, woo-hoo…I mean cha ching!!

tea_mallmadness 019

An hour into the game and we just reached the halfway mark. Biggest shocker, 3 year old is still going strong…thinking we have a shopper on our hands.  She gets way too excited when the speaker announces a clearance. Haha!

tea_mallmadness 038

Now I know why my mom loved this game so much, it would keep me occupied for 3 hours. Seriously, by the time you build the mall, determine who the bank is, give everyone their allotted money, run your little game pieces from one clearance and sale to the next in hopes of landing 6 items on your list (and figuring out cost/change) and heading back to the parking lot before anyone else, while receiving random directions from the speaker to go to eat pizza or go to the arcade (which the kids totally thought was a riot) from time to time hours have flown by. Man, I wish they made more games like this for kids these days!

tea_mallmadness 043

tea_mallmadness 027


Game night throwback was a great reminder to me of how simple and hands-on my childhood was in comparison to childhood today.  It reminded me that children don’t need screens to have fun. They don’t need apps. All they need is each other, a little friendly competition, and a credit card. Lol!

tea_mallmadness 013

Do you remember Mall Madness (or any of the 90s slang that I added to the pic captions)? Or, perhaps you had a favorite game when you were a kid that you can’t wait to play with your kiddos?  Do tell! Please! I can’t be the only dork out there who played a game called Mall Madness. Haha!