Do you have a Veggiecation?

So a couple weeks back I received an email inviting me and my kiddos to checkout a new App, Bob & Larry’s ABC’s.  And since our 3 year old is obsessed with Veggie Tales and her ABC’s I jumped at the opportunity.  I figured it was going to be like every other ABC’s app/game where they simply go through the ABC’s and maybe say a few of the letter sounds. So you can imagined how impressed I was when I found out that it not only went through the alphabet but also allowed kiddos to create and share!


app 008

My little Gracie girl and I sat down and listened while Larry the cucumber narrated our adventure! She tapped on each of the letters to hear the sounds and enjoyed hearing all the sounds effects that accompanied each page. But the real fun began when we created a story. That’s right, we then created a story. There is nothing cuter than listening to your child’s imagination unfold. We went on an adventure to get toilet paper for daddy. We searched everywhere and asked Monkeys and Lions for directions then took a triangle train, pink plane, and boat to get to Costco.  Lol! But the fun didn’t end there.

app 014

The cherry tomato on this veggie sundae is the share feature.  We then shared our creation via email (you can also share via Facebook and twitter) with family…which is sure to be a great conversation starter over the Thanksgiving table. Haha!

This app would also be a great one to have when traveling this Thanksgiving with little ones. You’re welcome 🙂

You can collect all five Veggiecational books to learn Numbers, Shapes, Colors and Time. (COMING SOON!)

Don’t you just adore little ones imaginations? Is your family a Veggie Tales family?