Purging Kids Toys, Books, & Clothes? Repurpose, Swap, and Sell!

This anxious feeling came over me this morning as I glanced at the calendar and realized the kids literally have one week left of school!! How can that be, it feels like they just went back to school. Oh wait, they did, lol! After being home for what seemed like an eternity and then hybrid learning for a minute, I blinked and their in-person learning for 5 days a week is practically over, which means they’re gonna be home, AGAIN!! What’s a mom to do? I don’t know about y’all but this momma isn’t wasting one second, I’m PURGING STAT! I’m getting rid of everything they grew out of almost two years ago, all the books they no longer read, toys they no longer play with, etc. I’m officially in that “everything has gotta go” mentality. But where is it going?

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