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I am sure all moms can agree that a child’s first haircut is a huge deal.  I can recall our eldest daughter’s first haircut like it was yesterday.  She was two years old and I dressed her in a cute outfit so that she would look adorable in the dozen of pictures I took before, during, and after her haircut. I shed a tear or two as those gorgeous baby locks were cut. Thankfully we got to go home with a long strand of her golden curly baby fine locks tied with a beautiful pink bow. As soon as we got home I rushed over to her baby book and carefully placed the lock of hair and certificate she received in her baby book so she, and I, could treasure it for years to come.

hair 003

Fast forward 4 years, our eldest child is now 6, our son is 5, and our baby is 2 years old. We were contemplating going for our 2 yr. olds milestone first haircut in the near future. That is until someone beat me to it.  Our 5-year-old son and 2 yr. old were quietly playing in the family room while I was in the kitchen, key word being, quietly.  Moments later my son came running in the kitchen sporting a new hairdo and confessing to also cutting his sister’s hair.

I had missed my baby’s first haircut! And what a haircut it was, he had cut all the fine baby hairs framing her face as well as the long hair that was pulled back in piggy tails.  She was now the proud owner of one messed up mullet.   I was heartbroken but some time has passed and I have grown comfortable with the fact that I will never get that first haircut back. And, though I did not get a before, during, and after picture of the milestone event I will always have the Christmas pictures to treasure and commemorate the year our 5-year-old gave his sister her first haircut.

My tip for handling sticky situation such as this one; first, be cautious if the room suddenly grow quiet.  Second, find the humor, whatever the mishap there is humor there somewhere.  Motherhood is messy and humbling, and the kiddos are not little for long so enjoy every moment, even the sticky situations.  

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