New Year, New House?

New Year, New House?

Our house has been on and off the market for about the past 20 months and I can’t help but think that maybe 2012 will bring us a new house.  For some reason I am feeling even more optimistic about this today than I have in the past few months.  We had a showing last Thursday which was hectic to prepare for considering that we had Christmas gifts, cookies, and clothes sprawled throughout our house.  We still have not heard anything regarding that showing so, maybe the optimism comes from the mystery of not knowing.

Since I am allowing myself this moment of optimism today I figure why not go all out and dream big, after all isn’t that what life is about, I mean, where would we be without our dreams?  So, while the kiddos play with their new Christmas toys I am daydreaming about furnishings to put into our future house.  Okay, so I went beyond daydreaming and have let my fingers do some browsing online.  I came across a really cool website, I am the type of consumer who really likes to shop around and do my research in terms of what company has the best quality product and price, which can be time-consuming but does the work for you, how convenient is that? So, I have used the site to come up with a list of furniture that I would like to include in our future house.

I have always liked the idea of having a bedroom vanity; it seems so distinguished.  I recall the old Hollywood movies with scenes of these glamorous movie stars dressed in beautiful gowns sitting at bedroom vanities powdering their faces.  As a child I would sit there and watch them on the television screen and think, one day, one day I will be glamorous like that too.  Well, I might not be glamorous, unless you consider yoga pants and layered tank tops glamorous, but at least I could give the illusion of glamorous with a gorgeous bedroom vanity,

I really like this antique black Vanity

I would also like two Armless Accent Chairs in Patriot Kiwi, for my Living room, they are amazing.

Living Room chairs

I would also like some furniture for the children’s new Play room. Hey, I daydream BIG! And yes, our new home will have four bedrooms and a large playroom that comes with its own referee/babysitter (heck, why not, it is just a dream).

Playroom furniture

I would like these chairs for the Dining room, so elegant, yet not too stuffy.

Dining Room Chairs

I would like the armless Chaise for my Family room, I have always loved these and yes, let’s get it in white (remember we are dreaming, there is no dirt, stains, or muddy paw prints in dreams).

Family room Chaise

I am so excited; I want to order these NOW!! Oh my word, this website even has price comparisons for artificial tears . That is good; I will add those to my order so that when everything arrives I can look genuinely distressed over the massive amount of chairs that I purchased. I can hear my husband now, “Who NEEDS this many CHAIRS!!!”  That will be my queue to use the artificial tears.  This might actually work, and if it doesn’t, I might also want to add win the Lottery to my New Year’s resolutions.

So, what are you daydreaming about?