How To Console A Child When Things Go Wrong

All parents will eventually have to deal with an upset child. It’s inevitable. Life won’t always go their way, particularly as they get to grips with the reality of the world. 

Unfortunately, parents don’t always know exactly what to do to comfort a child. It’s difficult to figure out what to say. 

Fortunately, this post is here to help. We take a look at some best practices for comforting upset children and helping them with their lives. 

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5 Essentials for Staying Focused when Working from Home

Some may say that taking on a couple Interior Design projects, Photography, fulfilling obligations as a SAHM, maintaining head organizer of a playgroup, homework helper, playing chauffer to after school activities, and having a husband with a job that involves travel and random schedules is quite possibly the perfect recipe for a nervous breakdown. And they might be correct! That is unless you have these 5 essentials for staying focused when working from home.


  1. Your time begins now!! Time management is the key to juggling a multitude of responsibilities and obligations. Whether it is the laundry, organizing volunteer opportunities, a kitchen remodel project, editing photographs, or helping the children with homework, time management is essential!! Women often like to boast about being able to multitask but the truth is no one is good at it. Some portion of the multi is always neglected, you can only give 100% and it is always divided up when multitasking…20% to dinner, 40% to children’s homework, and 40% to editing photographs. All 3 are getting short changed. Instead of multitasking grab your timer. Set your phone to silence, and turn off/close all social media distractions. Plan on one hour of uninterrupted work increments…or half hour, whatever works best with your schedule. But remember you ONLY focus on one task/project during that time, giving it 100% of your undivided attention. And watch the quality of your work increase and your stress level decrease.use-this-Thirty-One-Gifts-New-Catalog-Spring-2013
  2. Jazz it up!! Make your workspace your own! Make it personal. Getting organized is much more fun and much more manageable when you enjoy it. It might just be the Interior Designer in me but I have found that when I put a little time into my workspace and organizing it I can’t wait to work! I am a fan of the 31 Bags home organizers…get one for every one of your jobs…organize the children’s schedules, home business, volunteering/service projects, etc.
  3. That’s my Jam!! I work better with music. I find it can relax, motivate, inspire, and sometimes even just comfort me when working. I am a huge fan of Pandora. I like the fact that I can hear similar music any time of day. My station right now is ‘Of Monsters & Men radio’; it is relaxing and reminds me of our summer vacation at the Lake House and long beautiful days on Lake Michigan. Music can help channel an enjoyable experience and the perfect state of mind for productivity.
  4. Let it Go!! Preschoolers understand it thanks to Elsa and Anna, now if we adults could just comprehend the essential stress release of simply letting it go! Bottom-line, people are not perfect, technology lets us down sometimes, traffic is inevitable, snow days happen, and sometimes we fail ourselves. You have the choice to either complain and beat yourself and other up or take note from the infamous Disney movie and just let it go! Tomorrow is a new day. Focus on the problem and resolving it. There is no need to point fingers, make excuses, or defamation of characters. If you made a mistake simply own it and move on….there is no time for self-deprecation.
  5. Workout & Kabbage!! Your physical and mental wellbeing are connected, shocking right!! I had no idea how much until I started an accountability group with my Beach Body coach. I was apprehensive at first but found that a mere 10-30 minute workout during the week days was invigorating! It was like the fog had lifted, and was replaced with clarity and energy. Working out really aids in letting it go! Using my time management skills wisely I set aside 10-30 minutes during the week for Turbo Fire Workouts…abs, upper/arms, and HIIT classes. I know I cannot do more than 10-30. It is vital that you choose a workout routine that works with your schedule….you need something you can maintain for the long term. For me anything over a half hour was not practical and I knew it would be short lived.  Kabbage! I know what you’re thinking, one I spelled Kabbage wrong, and two, it gives you the worst gas, right!? I am not talking about that cabbage silly! Kabbage is just as much a stress reliever as working out, it relieves financial stressors! Kabbage provides small business loans to moms like me who are starting off their photography business and need a little extra dough to cover lens and editing programs. Creating an account is free and can take as few as 7 minutes. After that, access your business line of credit so you can start growing your business immediately!! There are no fees until you draw against your line…and you only pay on what you draw! Kabbage is a much better financial plan than borrowing from friends and/or family!!


So, what are you waiting for? Thinking of starting that home business? I am proof that it can be done!! All you need are those 5 essential tips and a little Kabbage!!


Are you a business owner or SAHM? What are your tips for staying focused?