I think I like working out, shhh, don’t tell my couch: 5 Secrets to Help You Prepare for Your Cardio Workout

Step 1- put down the remote! Anyone else make New Year “goals”, not resolutions, because the commitment level seemed less intense? Just me?! Well, one of my goals was to get healthier in 2021. A nice broad goal that allows me an entire year to eventually attain, lol! But in all seriousness, I broke that broad goal down into smaller realistic goals I could actually hold myself accountable for…I’m talking “baby goals”. For example, first baby goal was, put down the remote and get off the couch, managed to crush that one the first week of 2021!! Next goal, looked up the best gym near me and found some great ones. Next goal, start actually working out. And then this happened…turns out I like the benefits I get from doing cardiovascular exercise (shhh, don’t tell my couch, it’s got some strong jealousy issues, just ask the remote). So, I love the benefits I get at the end of the workout, but I do struggle still with the lack of energy to motivate me to initially workout and in the middle of the workout I am finding myself a bit sluggish as well, but by the end I feel like a new person, 10 years younger. Turns out I’m not the only one, if you feel the same way, please know that you’re in good company. So, after doing some research here are some ways that you can get ready and motivated for your cardio fitness workout and to feel good even when you’re in the middle of it. 

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