Why I Love an Overcast Day

We had planned on meeting up with our play-group friends at the park this morning for ice cream sundaes but the weather didn’t look like it was going to cooperate so our friends canceled. We had already rescheduled from the day before so the kiddos really didn’t want to hear that we had to reschedule again.  Not to mention, mommy really needed them to get out and run off some of their energy. So we headed to the park.

It was definitely overcast but thankfully it never rained and there was a nice breeze.  After days of hot sun baking down on us whenever we went outside and mommy sporting that classy back sweat streak down my shirt as well as that hair stuck to the neck look an overcast day was a breath of fresh air. What I found, though we missed our friends, I really enjoyed time with my kiddos.  I love an overcast day because…..

The children can play on the playground without the sun beating down on them and heating the equipment so that it is unpleasant to the touch.

Ice cream doesn’t melt as fast…nor does the toppings….

You can take your time and observe all that nature has to offer…

You can admire what others do on an overcast day too…like painting…

You can take a longer stroll in the park…

The cool breeze and fresh air is the perfect pairing for an afternoon nap….

What do you enjoy doing on an overcast day? What did you do today?

10 thoughts on “Why I Love an Overcast Day

  • I am so with you! I’ll take an overcast day like this anytime over the 95 degree weather we’ve been having. It was so nice to go outside and enjoy a refreshing breeze without sweating.

    • I am so glad you are enjoying this break from the sweat too! It almost feels like early Fall, when it is still warm with a pleasant breeze. In fact this weather actually has me contemplating a crock-pot recipe for dinner. I miss Fall. Thank you for your comment Claire, I hope you enjoy the rest of this magnificent day, Kat

  • We play inside here in Florida on most summer days between 10 a.m. And 2 pm. But when it’s cloudy we play outside even then! The days go by quicker when we can go for a stroll in the middle of the day! Thanks for the post!

    • That makes sense with the heat and humidity in Florida. So you must really treasure an overcast day since you get twice as much day, lol! Here is to future overcast days and enjoying them with the kiddos!! (I am raising my coffee mug in the air as if to cheers …don’t leave a mom hanging, lol!) Have a great weekend,

  • We stopped at Greenfield Village on our way home from a doctor’s appointment 🙂 It was a perfect day for walking around outside and enjoying some history 🙂 Throw it a carosel and train ride and much fun was had 😉

    • What a perfect day for Greenfield Village! I forgot about the carousel and train. What a great way to spend an overcast day and a nice treat after a doctor’s appointment. I so enjoy reading how other moms spent their day thank you for sharing and thanks for reminding me of the fun kiddo friendly activities at Greenfield village.

  • Simon hates it when the slides are too hot. He also inherited my pale complexion, and blue eyes that can’t handle the bright sun. So, I love overcast days too sometimes.

  • This has been a very uncomfortable summer for us and we have shied away from outdoor activities. Your beautiful pictures made me wish we had gotten out more — there is still time though!! We might actually have to play in the rain!

    • Rain would be so welcomed here and a fun activity. We have not gotten rain in a while. The colors of our lawns are shades of brown; my hubby hasn’t mowed the lawn in over a month. I miss puddles and worms, lol! Here’s to rainy days and all the possibilities! Wait…do you have any suggestions for rainy day fun besides puddle jumping? …rain dancing? (The neighbors might think I am crazy, lol)

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