Why I Love an Overcast Day

We had planned on meeting up with our play-group friends at the park this morning for ice cream sundaes but the weather didn’t look like it was going to cooperate so our friends canceled. We had already rescheduled from the day before so the kiddos really didn’t want to hear that we had to reschedule again.  Not to mention, mommy really needed them to get out and run off some of their energy. So we headed to the park.

It was definitely overcast but thankfully it never rained and there was a nice breeze.  After days of hot sun baking down on us whenever we went outside and mommy sporting that classy back sweat streak down my shirt as well as that hair stuck to the neck look an overcast day was a breath of fresh air. What I found, though we missed our friends, I really enjoyed time with my kiddos.  I love an overcast day because…..

The children can play on the playground without the sun beating down on them and heating the equipment so that it is unpleasant to the touch.

Ice cream doesn’t melt as fast…nor does the toppings….

You can take your time and observe all that nature has to offer…

You can admire what others do on an overcast day too…like painting…

You can take a longer stroll in the park…

The cool breeze and fresh air is the perfect pairing for an afternoon nap….

What do you enjoy doing on an overcast day? What did you do today?

Day 3: I scream, you scream, we all scream!

Day three and I think I am coming down with something.  I know HFMD is something children get but I have been experiencing headaches, loss of appetite, nausea, and fever. Maybe I am simply experiencing sympathy pains, who knows?  But what I do know is that I am more irritable today. The kiddos also appear to be getting a little agitated.

The day started off okay; our little man did think-it-through tiles with me while our girls put on dress-ups and danced to the Disney Princess CD. But then after our little man had finished the think-it-through tiles, played with his Power Rangers, and made a computer out of cardboard he must have gotten bored because he resorted to irritating his sisters.  Which resulted in them screaming and eventually I too joined into the mix (so much for Scream free Parenting, perhaps it is time to reread the book?).

So, I screamed, they screamed, and our little man complained because his throat was hurting (the sores in the mouth irritate the throat…the kiddos are constantly asking for ICE water) so what could be better, or more appropriate given the circumstances than, ice cream!!!

We made ice cream sundaes and it was precisely what we needed to cool everyone down.