First Day of Kindergarten!

Last night our home was bursting with energy. Every soul in the house knew that the next day was going to be unlike any other day we had experienced. The kiddos were acting so rambunctious to the point of being agitating! Or maybe it was me.  Maybe it was because my mind was preoccupied with a whirlwind of thoughts and my heart was beginning to ache. Why? Because my little boy was starting kindergarten and I was going to miss him during the weekdays.  I was going to miss his company, sense of humor and utterly contagious laughter. I was going to miss the way he looks out for me (there really is something extra special about that mother/son relationship…don’t get me wrong I love my girls but they don’t lookout for momma the way a son does). And he is such a great big brother and helper with his little sister. It will just be me and her now…forever…until she starts kindergarten and then… (I need a moment.).  It hasn’t been me and one child at home during the weekdays in 6-1/2 years! If I was feeling all these emotions surely he must be feeling something.

So I diverted my attention from me and asked him if he had any reservations. But kindergarten didn’t seem to faze him at all.  In fact, he was actually excited. As the kiddos packed their lunches for school the next day he was beaming with pride to finally be joining his big sister in such a prestigious task, ha-ha! I have to be totally honest; there was a part of me that hoped he was going to miss me, just a little bit.

The Big Day……         

He was up early and ready to go a ½ hour before schedule.  I have never seen a child so eager to go to school, ha-ha!  Thankfully we had plenty of time for pictures…..

kindergarden 004

kindergarden 005


kindergarden 007


I drove the kiddos to school and we all walked him into his classroom. He sat down as if he had been in the classroom for weeks, like it was old news. All the parents had their phones, cameras, and video cameras out trying to capture every last morsel before bidding their babies goodbye. And then it was time to go. As I walked down the hall, out the building, and down the sidewalk towards our car I held onto my little Gracie girl’s hand so tight, as if to say, I will never let you go.

As I buckled her into her car seat her big blue eyes looked up at me and asked if her brother was coming with us. It took everything in me not to cry. All this time I was so focused on me. I was completely clueless to the fact that there was another little person who was dealing with a lot today, his little sister.

So we did what most gals do when their hearts are aching over some boy. We had coffee and chatted about our feelings…maybe this one-on-one time together wasn’t going to be so bad after all? Just to clarify, she had a cake pop and I had the Latté and it was the perfect way to mend our aching hearts.

kindergarden 009

Any other mommas out there have a kiddos start kindergarten this year? How did you do? How did they do? Have an experience regarding kindergarten? Please share.

3 thoughts on “First Day of Kindergarten!

  • As you may recall, I am a Mom to 3 as well, but they are teens now. I was a stay home Mom for 8 years. I LOVED the time I had with my youngest – also a Daughter! It was so awesome but boy oh boy, was it hard when she started school. So make the most of next couple of years since there is no going back. 🙂

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