Spoiled Rotten!

Last week the kiddos had parent teacher conferences on Thursday and Friday. Meanwhile my father had work and mother had a work conference in Columbus. Thankfully our parent teacher conferences with the kiddo’s teachers were scheduled for Thursday. So when my mom brought up the idea of me and the kiddos driving down on Friday, hanging out, and staying the night with them I couldn’t refuse!

I packed our bags. And my little helpers helped make lunches for the road and each selected two items to occupy their time in the car.  I have learned, mostly through trial and error, that in order to limit the potty breaks I do not pass out liquids until at least an hour into the trip (once we spent 45 minutes at a rest stop…it took so long to get the 3 year old to use an automatic flushing toilet that by the time she finally did the 6 & 7 year old had to go potty again…never again!). So we started off our trip with the Rosary, then some fun music, lunch (in the car), and we were there! No potty breaks!!  That was the first time that ever happened so we definitely started off the trip on a positive note! It really is the little things in life that can bring much joy, haha!

Easton_COSI 054

As soon as we arrived it was a whirlwind of fun! First we headed to the Center of Science and Industry (COSI). I have been going to COSI since I was my kids’ age.  But what made this trip special and different from all the past trips to COSI was that I would be going with my dad! See when I was a kid my mom would take us while my dad worked.  But this time my dad got to join me with my kiddos. And let me tell you there is nothing more sacred than watching your father enjoy watching his grandchildren.  It is in those moments that there is confirmation that I am a part of something much bigger than I or this world.  The children had a blast!  We managed to go through almost every exhibit…Curious George, water play space, gears and industry, energy, etc.

Easton_COSI 010

 Easton_COSI 018

Easton_COSI 046

Easton_COSI 022

Exploring science can really build up an appetite.  So for dinner we went to The Cheesecake Factory! The food was amazingly delicious and best part, I did not have to prepare, cook, set, clear, or clean a thing! It gets better. After dinner we headed back to the Hilton for an evening swim.  And everyone knows that after a long day of science exploration, a full belly, and a swim a child will sleep peacefully. And that is precisely what all 3 did! Granted I wasn’t too far behind them but it was the most relaxing evening I had had in a long time. I didn’t have to do laundry, tidy from the day, or prepare for the next day. In fact when we came back from our swim there were chocolates on our beds and a weather forecast for the next day….did I mention I was totally pampered!? Wonder if my hubby would start doing this at home because this is something a girl could definitely get used to, right ladies? Ha-ha!

Easton_COSI 056

Easton_COSI 072

We woke up had breakfast…and again, I didn’t have to prepare, clear, or clean…spoiled rotted, right!? Then we went back for another swim where I enjoyed a Starbucks poolside…can you get any more spoiled than that? Yes!

Easton_COSI 068

We then perused Easton and all the wonders it has to offer…which is a lot. The girls ventured to the American Girl store while the boys went to the Lego store. Well, let me rephrase that, the girls tried to go to the America Girl store.  There was a line around both sides of the store just to get in. Can we say ridiculous? What gives people? So we did the second best thing and at least got a picture in front of the store….what can I say, I had clearly grown accustom to the pampered lifestyle. Lol!

Easton_COSI 073

Easton_COSI 074

So we joined the boys at the Lego store where our son was building his own Lego men.  The store was pretty cool and the prices weren’t bad at all. Nana and Papa even treated the kiddos to Lego kits and cases which occupied their time the entire way home. 

Easton_COSI 079

Then it was getting to be close to our departure time. But not before being spoiled one last time. My dad paid for and pumped my gas for me…how awesome is that? I was sad to see our time end. It was so much fun spending time together. I especially treasured witnessing the relationships between my parents and my children be nurtured, truly priceless!

The big question…

I had been pampered and spoiled for the past 24 hours how was I ever going to acclimate myself to my past life?  I had to go back to cooking, cleaning, tidying, preparing, a chocolate free bed, no fluffy white robes, no breakfast ready in the morning, and no Starbucks poolside, no pool….how was I going to manage? Lol!

Thankfully none of my skills that I had acquired prior to this trip where lost and I did manage to acclimate to my old lifestyle but I will forever treasure my time of pampering in Columbus Ohio.

When was the last time you were pampered? Isn’t it funny what you consider pampering as a parent? Prior to having children would you have considered going out to eat as pampering?

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