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Will you accept the Summer Reading Challenge?

It is officially day 1 of summer break! Bring on the long days at the pool, meeting up with friends at the park, roasting marshmallows & making s’mores, catching fireflies, watching fireworks, lazy days at the lake, and so much more.  Eeee!! Parents we have the POWER to make it a SUPER FUN summer!! But […]

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FREE Play Time exhibition at the Toledo Museum of Art

  When you hear the words Art Museum what comes to mind? Quiet, old, cold, boring!? (Or at least that’s probably what my husband would say).  And the thought of bringing the children along just sounds, well, expensive!! Let’s be honest, there is decorum to follow when touring the Art Museum’s galleries. Things they frown upon […]

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Summertime to me is…

Summertime to me is….. A baseball game with the family…Go Mud Hens! Long relaxing mornings at the library….and fun events and programs throughout the summer. Getting dinner fresh from the farmer’s market… Walking hand in hand… Painting pottery with our kiddos at In2Art….. Spending long mornings and afternoons at the park, Fort Imagination… Enjoying meals […]

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