Having THE Talk

I can remember it like it was yesterday.  It was way too quiet in the family room. I had only left them alone for a few minutes to empty the dishwasher. By ‘they’ I mean our son and daughter who were 4 and 1 year old at the time. As I walked into the room I noticed clumps of brown on the floor.  Silence from two ordinarily very loud and busy munchkins and a clump of brown….my mind was putting all the clues together. Could it be? No! Please, no! And the final clue, scissors with a tiny chubby finger and thumb still grasping it. Then my eyes darted up. Oh the Horror! Our son had not only given himself a horrific, choppy, scary haircut but he gave his sister one too.  That was her FIRST haircut! Moms know how special that moment is and I totally missed it!

When I asked our son why he cut his sister’s hair he exclaimed that she was hot and her hair was in her eyes so he was just helping her….and since he gave himself a haircut he needed to share because sharing is good. Haha! Yes, I can laugh now. Mind you it has taken me 2 years but I can laugh. Funny thing is he wasn’t the first family member to venture down the path of hairdresser failure. Our oldest daughter did it 2 years before him. She is kind of a trendsetter, what can we say. Haha!

Thus given her siblings past records I figured it was only a matter of time before our 3 year old ventured down the same path. So I decide to sit her down and have THE talk. THE HAIR TALK!  And what better way to address a difficult and uncomfortable issue than with a visual aid. Thank goodness for Play-doh!

I explained it all to her.  The good, bad, and ugly affiliated with cutting ones own hair.

playdough 002

playdough 004

Just seeing those clumps of play dough sitting on the table brought it all back to me…that day, in the family room, when my baby had her first locks cut by her big brother, and I wasn’t even present.

playdough 008

Got to love this kid’s sense of humor…”Look mom, I cut my hair”. No idea where she gets her silly sense of humor from. Haha!

playdough 019

All in all it was a great talk and fun experience!

playdough 024

Has your little one ever cut their own hair? Have an epic story? Have you had THE talk with your toddler? Please share

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