He just doesn’t make me Happy Anymore

You should leave because you deserve someone who makes you happy! We’ve all heard this phrase before, often well intended & coming from a place of concern, but is it really the best advice? We’re delving into the topic of happiness today click on link to hear our take. Who is ultimately responsible for your happiness? Does responsibility fall on your spouse? Is it possible to be happy all the time? If we allow our feelings & emotions to run the show 24/7 are we the equivalent of an adolescent?


2 thoughts on “He just doesn’t make me Happy Anymore

  • I think you are responsible for your own happiness. It is not humanly possible to be happy all the time, there will be pain, depression, bad days, daily aggravations! We cannot allow our emotions to control us, however, we must allow ourselves time to feel and explore our emotions.
    We need to dig deep in our relationships and examine whether or not the person is supportive, loving and nurturing of us. Do they help us to be better people? You alone can know if the person or persons in your life are there to build you up. Don’t make rash decisions based on a bad day.. wait until you are clear headed, then, look back and sort thru the negatives.

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