5 Tips for Healthy After School Snacks

Omg! I drop off little, sweet, Angels at school in the morning & come 3:30pm I’m picking up cranky, hangry, feral animals! Like seriously, as soon as we step foot in the house they are trampling over one another to get to the kitchen…if I didn’t unlock the door fast enough I’m pretty sure they would knock it down or eat it, lol!!  

Here are 5 simple tips for healthy after school snacks:

1. Prepare snacking foods ahead of time

We want our kiddos to make healthy choices when it comes to their afterschool snack. We would much rather have them reaching for celery sticks & peanut butter or hummus than that processed bag of chips. However, convenience plays a huge role. If the celery isn’t cleaned and cut, ready for consumption, then chances are they will grab that bag of chips instead. Prepare healthy snacking foods ahead of time. Clean and cut fresh fruits & veggies and have them in easily accessible containers.

2. Don’t bring it in the house

Speaking of that bag of chips, lol! If we don’t want our kiddos consuming high-sugar, trans-fat-laden, processed foods, we can’t bring them into your house…let’s be honest, if we do it’s just too darn tempting.

3. Watch portion sizes

Even the healthiest, organic, GMO-free snacks can sabotage healthy eating when portion sizes are not monitored. Encourage kiddos to read the nutrition labels and take special consideration of the serving size.

4. Provide variety

Children, like adults, get bored with food easily. Have a variety of snacking foods on hand—whole fruits, veggies, hardboiled eggs, smoothies, mixed nuts, frozen bananas covered w/Pb & sprinkles, potato wedges w/ketchup, trail mix, yogurt parfaits, fruit kabobs, etc.

These almond flour, sugar-free, homemade waffle corners are a huge hit in our house:

3 cups almond flour

1/4 tsp. baking soda

1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

2 eggs

1 cup buttermilk

2 Tbs. olive oil

Mix ingredients together and follow waffle maker directions. Makes 6 waffles.

5. Choose healthy fast foods

Despite our best efforts, sometimes we do forget the snacks at home and find ourselves with a car full of hungry kiddos with back-to-back extracurricular activities. A fast-food chain might be your only option. When this happens seek heathier choices, like Chick-fil-a grilled nuggets, McDonald’s oatmeal and/or yogurt parfaits, etc.

Are your kiddos hangry after school? What’s your go-to after school snack?

2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Healthy After School Snacks

  • I will be shocked if your kids manage to get through their teenage years without an eating disorder. Your obsession with controlling their food (seriously, donuts once a year?) and teaching them to worry about potion sizes on HEALTHY snacks is over the top.

    • Thanks for your feedback, hun! These are just some tips & suggestions for eating healthy after school snacks…by no means am I stating that we eat this way 100% of the time, but I do usually try to start the school year off on the right foot w/healthy snacks. And with regard to the donuts, yes, those are our special bday breakfast tradition and there are 5 of us in the family, so ya know they’re getting at least 5 a year, lol! And if grandma or grandma buy them when they spend the night…or if a classmate brings them into school then they will most definitely be having more than 5. I do try to limit the amount of processed food we eat. My grandmother died at 63 from complication with diabetes & it had a HUGE effect on me. She watched me when I was young & my earliest memories w/her are of her poking her finger to check her levels and then give herself insulin shots. She was overweight & her diet was horrible. She was in & out of the hospital, circulation was bad, had open heart surgery, kidney dialysis, & congestive heart failure. She was one of my most favorite people in the world but sadly of all my memories, none are when she was ever healthy. She died when I was 16. I wouldn’t wish her lifestyle on anyone. It’s my job as a mother to set my children up for success in life & that includes their health…I will never apologize for encouraging healthy eating habits with my kiddos. Is it a struggle, damn straight! Do I get tired sometimes, yes…which, if you read the last tip you would see that fast food does have to be an option occasionally. I would never have any ill wishes upon anyone or their children, I know we are all trying our best & I think it’s important to encourage & support one another. Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad you feel comfortable enough to share your thoughts filter-free, hun.

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