Meal Planning, Grocery Lists, & Recipes Simplified

Have tons of cookbooks, random recipes torn out of magazines, food magazines just lying around, or the occasional notecard with recipes passed down from a family member or a friend? So many recipes and food options, yet, are you still struggling with meal planning? I here ya, mommas! That was totally me 3 years ago. Then I bossed up and took control of my life, well, my kitchen.  Doing this one thing has helped me eliminate all the unnecessary clutter, saved me so much time, got me organized, & ultimately made my life so much easier! Oh, yeah, and when my friend called and asked if I could meet for coffee I totally shocked both of  us when I replied, “YES!” (actual image of me realizing I had found time in my busy schedule) And I want the same for you…I want you to have more time, more time with your family, & actually time for yourself!  How does that sound?

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So let’s do this, lets….

-Eliminate the Cookbook & Recipe Clutter

-Give you more space in your kitchen

-Give you more time in your life to do the things you actually WANT to do

-Master Meal Planning

-Get into a productive routine

-Have you crushing it in the kitchen like the boss you were born to be!!

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Step 1- Meal Planning, Grocery Lists, & Recipes Packet 

This is a GAME CHANGER!! It comes complete with a title page, table of contents, category dividers, recipe sheets, meal plans for the week, & grocery list! You can print off as many recipe sheets, meal plans, & grocery lists as you need!  There’s space in the margin to hole-punch the pages so you can organize them neatly into a 3-ring binder.

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Step 2- De-Clutter & Donate

Once your packet is printed off and you have placed your pages in a binder it’s time to de-clutter all those cookbooks and recipes. Chances are you can practically eliminate ALL books & magazines; simply write your favorite recipes on the recipe sheets then donate those cookbooks or better yet, sell them online or to a local secondhand store.

Step 3- Work the Plan 

Once you have your recipes ready (please note, you can add recipes as you go, simply print off more sheets) it’s time to meal plan! This is when the Binder REALLY comes in handy! I like to pick a day, for me it’s Fridays, set aside 45 minutes, make a pot of tea, & Meal Plan!

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First I go through my recipes. I remove the recipe meals/dishes we are going to have the following week. I then remove a Meal Plan sheet and grocery sheet.  I fill in the Meal Plan accordingly and while I’m doing that I also complete my grocery list simultaneously.

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BONUS: Wanna take it yet another awesome step further? Keep the Meal Plan and grocery list together…paperclip or staple them together….then, on those super busy, (or lazy weeks) just grab the grocery list and shop, the meal plan has already been done.

GAME CHANGER, right!? Also, this binder is SO user-friendly my tween & teenager now help with Meal Planning & Grocery Lists.

Don’t waste one more day trying to hunt down recipes in various cookbooks, magazines, shorthand on a paper towel (we’ve all been there) collate those recipes & work the meal plan to your advantage! Be sure to share with friends!

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