4 Heartbreaking Things That Happen To Moms When They Don’t Look After Themselves

From the moment your little ones are born, your priorities change forever. Everything that used to seem so important to you becomes mere trivia in a heartbeat. Suddenly all that matters is protecting, nurturing and cherishing the tiny, squealing life you now hold in your arms. Regardless of faith, you have a heaven-sent duty to do all that you can to ensure that your child grows up safe, happy and healthy. But while that inevitably requires a measure of sacrifice and self-denial from time to time, that doesn’t mean that Moms shouldn’t take care of themselves. If they don’t, it can result in heartbreaking consequences…

Looking after yourself is a battle on many fronts

It’s easy to see why Moms can fall into the habit of putting themselves after their families, and even neglecting their own wellbeing. Looking after yourself is a battle that’s fought on many fronts at the same time. You need to do everything from taking the time to prepare yourself nutritious meals to making time to exercise, and even making sure that your hearing and vision are top notch. Getting the right lenses and frames from Eyeglasses.com is about more than ensuring that you’re looking good and you can see what your kids are up to at all times. Without the right lenses, your eyestrain can make you prone to headaches, fatigue, & if you’re not getting those sunglasses, wrinkles. 


Still, Moms owe it to themselves and their kids to take the time and care for themselves that they need, avoiding the following outcomes…


They lose their confidence and self-esteem

Looking good and feeling good about yourself isn’t vanity. It’s central to your self-esteem. And when you are lacking in confidence and feel bad about yourself, it can make every interaction seem a little harder and make it much harder to assert yourself socially and professionally. 


They become cranky, irritable and resentful

Being a parent is exhausting and stressful. And when you don’t have an outlet (whether that’s hobbies, exercise or simply a long soak in the tub), it can make previously saintly Moms become irritable, cranky, resentful and slow to forgiveness. And that combination of frustration, resentment and irritation can poison the soul and make you into someone you don’t want to be. 


They lack the energy that parenting requires

When we’re young it seems like we have near limitless energy. But as we get older and our responsibilities pile up, energy can become an increasingly precious commodity. And when we don’t get enough sleep, eat right, or take time for ourselves, our energy levels can nosedive, making concentration difficult. Needless to say, that can render you less effective as a parent.


They lose touch with lifelong friends

Finally, when Moms don’t look after themselves, they tend to be less enthusiastic about maintaining their social lives. When that happens, weekly get togethers with friends over coffee become monthly get togethers which then become “We really must get together soon!”. Tragically, this can result in losing touch with lifelong friends, and severing bonds that have endured for decades. 


You deserve better, and so do your kids. So make sure you look after your family by looking after yourself!

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