The Importance of Forgiveness For Parents

It’s okay. You can admit it! The life of a parent is stressful. Especially for those who have to juggle their familial responsibilities with those of work or running a business. What’s more, there are many who walk the path of parenthood alone. While these awesome single parents almost always have some sort of support network (you guys have a Mom Tribe behind you, right?), they nonetheless feel the pressures of parenthood much more acutely than those who are lucky enough to have a co-parent. There are many traits a good Mom or Dad needs to have. Patience, love, compassion, discipline, a sense of humor. Here, we’ll look at the importance of forgiveness for parents. Forgiveness is mentioned frequently in the Bible. But it doesn’t come readily for many of us. After all, our lives are hard and laden with adversity. It’s not always easy to set aside our slights and move forward with a smile on our lips. 



Nonetheless, it’s a skill that we need to master for the benefit of our kids and our own mental health and well-being. Here’s why…


It prevents resentment from festering in your heart

Mastering the art of forgiveness doesn’t mean that we have to become a push-over or let people walk all over us. But as parents we have to lead by example, modelling the right behaviors for our children when someone does us wrong. Of course, if you’re caught in a car accident that’s not your fault, you should look to skilled and tenured injury lawyers to seek justice. But you have to acknowledge that there are many reasons why the driver at fault could have been negligent. You can see that they make amends without letting resentment and anger taint your heart. Resentment poisons everything that it touches and can turn you into someone you don’t want to be.


It helps you to improve your understanding

When your kids act out, throw temper tantrums or behave in the least convenient manner in any given moment, it can be extremely hard to keep your temper. When you become quick to anger, it can keep you from learning an important lesson. 

Kids never act out for no reason. The better able we are to keep our cool and forgive dramatic outbursts that we could do without, the better able we are to understand the causes of our kids’ ill behavior and guard against it being repeated.


It makes you as patient & temperate as a parent needs to be

Anger and resentment teach us nothing. Instead they erode our grace, sour the sweetness of our love and make us ever-quicker to anger and outrage. And living in a state of near-perpetual upset is no good for anyone, least of all a busy parent with a lot on their mind. Forgiveness teaches us to take a step back and keep our emotions in check. It gives us the patience and temperance we need as parents. 


Forgiveness teaches us humility. And in an age where we all seem more divided and suspicious than ever, that’d a commodity that we could all do with a little more of!

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