Taylor Winerfest: When it’s your LAST Christmas filled with “magic” and COVID cases rise, what to do?

The Manor House decorated extravagantly, toured, and then celebrated with s’mores over the open fire has gone virtual, visits with Santa are via Zoom and Skype , and Children’s Wonderland, which has been a tradition ALL 40 years of my life, has for the first time ever been canceled. And I get it, COVID. Our numbers are up and we don’t want to do anything that might spread the virus and harm others. But what if this is your last “magical” Christmas? I know what you’re thinking, aren’t they all “magical”? Sure. But, as parents, let’s be honest, there is something extra special when you have a child that still believes in the magic of it all, elves, Santa, St. Nicholas, etc. And that’s precisely where I am. I have my very last child, my youngest, she’s 10 years old, and we all know what that means, this is our last year of celebrating the “magic” of Christmas.  And while COVID took my oldest two kiddos goodbyes from a school they were at for 7 & 9 years and has robbed them of the joys that comes with in-person orientations, first days, making friends, etc. at their Junior High and High School, (and let me tell you, they have been AMAZING sports being home since MARCH),  I refuse to let COVID ROB MY FAMILY, MY KIDS, OF ONE MORE MEMORY THAT THEY WOULD/SHOULD TREASURE FOR A LIFETIME. This will be the last Christmas we have a child in our house that believes in the “magic” of Christmas. And that same child just expressed that she wished to have “technology free” days during the weekend. Apparently between remote schooling and virtual lessons, gaming and chatting with friends she’s exhausted. She requested that we please do something that requires us to leave these four walls and actually go somewhere, to do something REAL. SCARY, right?!

As parents we’ve got some REALLY tough decisions to make…and I can appreciate that and relate. I’ve got a grandfather that is 88 that I still haven’t seen since March (Keep praying old age doesn’t take him before COVID ends, I’d love to have at least one last in-person visit with him before the good Lord takes him), in-laws that are in their late 70s, and parents in their late 60’s…I mean except my mom, she’s like 50, or at least looks like she is…yup, she had me when she was 10, lol!I guess what I’m trying to say is that I would NEVER want to do anything to jeopardize their health. But at the same time I struggle to make certain my children’s mental health is well and that they still have a childhood. Let’s face it, it puts us parents/children in a difficult situation. The solution to my immediate dilemma, an outdoor activity that requires timed visits, masks, social distancing, and Christmas “magic” and fun! Found it!!! Taylor Winterfest 2020.

Taylor Winterfest offers families the opportunity to partake in all the Christmas “Magic” without the fear. They offer timed arrival entrances, masks are required, social distancing, & ALL the Christmas magic and MORE!  We’re talking performances, projector illustrations, lights, live animals, visit with a social distanced and face shielded Santa and Mrs. Clause, and more (including hot chocolate and adult beverages ;))! I took the kiddos and we experienced something we haven’t experienced in practically a year, joy! I took some video of our visit…and honestly it doesn’t truly do it justice, once you’re there in person and can eat the elephant ears (carnaval foods are available), hear the Christmas music throughout, see the lights, and sip the hot cocoa, only then will you have the true experience of Taylor Winterfest 2020!! Checkout our awesome experience…..

Best part about our experience, especially as a grandchild/child…I told my grandparent and parents about it and they said, “THANK YOU”, “thank you for giving my great grandkids and grandchildren a normal Christmas, they don’t deserve all this craziness, and please send us pictures”. SWOON!!

Taylor Winterfest 2020 


Cost: $25 for Adults(13+), $15 for Youth(4-12), and FREE under 3!

Covid precautions: Timed arrivals, social distancing, masks required, Santa and Mrs. Claus wear face shields, & display is outdoors

Address: 12111 Pardee Rd Taylor, MI 48180

Dates: The Blizzard of Oz is open every weekend starting November 19th, ending the weekend of January 7th, 2021

Are you struggling as an “ in the middle” caregiver between your grandparents/parent’s livelihood and children’s childhood?

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