Creating A More Practical Family Home- Inspiration For A ‘New Normal’ Makeover

The world has been turned upside down in 2020, and many of us are adjusting to a ‘new normal.’ Staying at home has replaced days out and nights on the town, and dining room tables and spare bedrooms have become offices and call centers. If the lockdown has left you wondering if it’s possible to make changes to your home to make life easier, here are some ideas for a makeover to create a more practical, functional base. 

Maximizing the space you have available

For many families, 2020 has seen a shift towards spending more time at home, with our nests now serving as offices, classrooms and entertainment venues. With more people at home and extra boxes to cross in terms of activities and providing room for different functions, space is at a premium. If you’ve run out of space, or you feel like everyone is living on top of each other, there are options to explore. One idea that you might wish to consider if you’re keen to stay put for a long time and you want to add value to your home is adding an extension. With the help of architects and a reputable building firm, you can extend to the back or rear of your house to create a larger kitchen-diner, add an extra bathroom and bedroom or design an office, a playroom or a games room. Another avenue to explore if you’re looking to free up more usable space is converting an attic or a basement. Before you decide what to do, get a series of quotes, go through different ideas and plans in detail and figure out what will work best for your family. 

Creating more flexible and versatile rooms

Our homes have transformed into makeshift schools, workplaces and play centers in the last nine months. As a parent, it can be hard to work, educate children and hang out and play with your kids in the same space. This is where creating more flexible and versatile rooms offers advantages. We don’t all have spare rooms in our homes that we can convert into a study or a classroom. If you’re trying to cross every box in your kitchen or living area, there are solutions. Using screens can help to provide privacy when you need to focus, and adding modular furniture can provide flexibility when you need to move from working to spending time with your kids. Look for adaptable tables and dining sets, which save space while enabling you to work or help your children with school work. You can also adjust the layout of your reception rooms to maximize space.

Outdoor additions

Millions of people are currently working from home. While it may be possible to take calls at the kitchen table for a short period of time, it’s not sustainable to try and work from a dining room or use a laptop balanced on your knee for a prolonged period. If you don’t have space inside, it’s wise to think about outdoor additions. Garden rooms, sheds, small log cabins and small houses have become increasingly popular in recent months. These external structures provide tranquil bases for working, free up valuable space indoors and add value to your property. 

Most of us are adapting to a ‘new normal,’ which involves trying to live, work and play at home. If you’re struggling for space, or your home isn’t set up to act as a workplace, why not consider these ideas?

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