Wanna get those braces off sooner? Advice on how to accelerate orthodontic healing time

For everyone who has visited Lakewood Orthodontic Office for orthodontic treatment, the thought of hearing that the treatment will take more than eighteen months to heal completely is legit brutal. Many teenagers wear braces from the time they start high school until they graduate. This is a very long time in a young person’s life. Hearing they will wear braces during this entire time is literally the last thing they want to hear. Luckily, there are ways that you can help speed up treatment. These are accelerated orthodontics treatment which can improve how effective those braces are…interested in hearing more?

Propel system

This is a short procedure that is performed by an Orthodontic to stimulate bone growth. The teeth become stronger and, as a result, respond faster to braces and other orthodontic treatments. After an invasive procedure is performed on a patient, it will lead to an inflammation in the gum that will speed up the teeth movement. Several patients have attested that this procedure has shortened their healing period by 50%.

AcceleDent system

In this procedure, a device that emits micro-pulses is used. This device encourages bone growth and remodeling. Therefore the bones will move faster. A patient is advised to insert this device for around twenty minutes a day; it is very comfortable in a person’s mouth.

Keep your appointments

It is not easy to honor all your doctor’s appointments. Things can come up that may prevent you from going to your appointment, but the more Orthodontic appointment you miss the longer your treatment will take to heal. It is critical to know that your teeth will remain stagnant before your next appointment. Ensure that you keep all the appointments to recover fast.

Keep your teeth clean

Always ensure that you keep your mouth clean because a healthy mouth responds faster to treatment. When you clean up your teeth after every meal as often as possible, your teeth will move faster than when you will have dirty teeth and unhealthy gums.

Avoid clenching your jaw

If you have a habit of clenching your jaw, it is difficult for teeth to move as the other teeth will hold them in place. If you have a habit of clenching your jaw when you are awake, train yourself to relax. If you always do it at night, you should talk to an Orthodontic for help.

Avoid hard and chewy foods

Hard and chewy food can bend wires and even snap off your brackets. When your frame is affected, you have to go back to the Orthodontic office for them to be corrected. During that entire period that you will have to wait for the correcting your teeth will not be pushed and pulled in the correct direction. This means they will take longer to heal.

Food to avoid with braces

Cut your food into bite-sized pieces.

Eating the right foods doesn’t necessarily speed up a patient’s treatment, but it is undoubtedly essential in reducing your healing period. Bite sizes portions have fewer chances of damaging the braces; therefore, you will avoid going back for emergency correction.

Braces don’t have to be a long and grueling treatment. Use these treatments and tricks, and you will heal faster. Keep all your appointments with the orthodontist and ask for more advice while you are there.

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