Dei Fratelli Segment on WTOL is this week’s ‘Take Me Back Tuesday’

3 littles, barely any sleep, and I said yes to a segment on the morning show, what was I thinking? Thankfully I had purchased and prepped all the necessary items the night before and sat out my clothes as well as my “assistant’s” clothes. That morning we were running behind per usual, my hair wasn’t cooperating, stupid humidity, and I was praying all the way to the station that God would help me find the words…some mornings the “mom brain” hits hard, am I right ladies? Too bad guests can’t get a prompter.

So we arrived with just minutes to spare, I prepared the table to be rolled into the studio, and my assistant and I got mic’ed. We were ready to share the local flavor of Dei Fratelli on the local morning news segment. My heart was pounding, beads of sweat rolling down my face, and I suddenly couldn’t remember my own name….but, can I tell you a secret, this is the part I love, the anticipation, the nerves, the fear, the at the top of the rollercoaster just about ready to freefall feeling. The key isn’t to hold on for dear life but to put both arms up and embrace the experience. Once you know you’ve done all the necessary preparations beforehand all that’s left is to actually enjoy the experience. Thus, without further ado, here’s this week’s ‘Take me Back Tuesday’

Take Me Back Tuesday

The date was August 2015, pre-pandemic times when segments weren’t on Zoom, when social distancing was the equivalent of being antisocial, masks were something people wore in Japan or other countries, and kids went to school 5 days a week in-person. Restaurants and stores had set hours, were open on said hours, and rarely required reservations. The children’s social lives were booming, their emotional, mental, and physical health were all being nurtured. We met up with our playgroup regularly, and to be honest, summer of 2015 was one of the the coolest in Toledo, we had the Play Time Exhibition at Toledo Museum of Art, The Red Ball was quite literally roaming through downtown, lol!…and throughout the city, including Boyd’s Retro Candy Store . And we had some EPIC parties!

We attended parades and enjoyed fairs and festivals filled with crowds of families and friends. It was an amazing year, summer, and segment…here we are sharing one of our fave local companies, Dei Fratelli, on one of our fave local channels, WTOL, and I can say this, with my favorite son (yes, I only have one;)).

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