20+ Places to go with kids in Toledo this Weekend

Excitement, exercise, adventures, and more!! The weekend is just around the corner and the possibilities are endless. And while we have no idea what we are exactly doing just yet, we do know one thing, we’re gonna have some fun!  Here’s a list of fun local spots to venture off to with the kids….

1 Urban Air

2 Get Air

3 Sky Zone

4 Coppermoon Studios

5 Metropark Winter Scavenger Hunt 

6 Bowling

7 Cinema/See a Movie

8 Toledo Museum of Art (Family Art Club)

9 Roller Skating

10 Sledding

11 Ice Skating at Ottawa Park or Tamo

12 Toledo Zoo

13 Indian Creek Encounters

14 Peace, Love, & Pottery (Kits)

15 Uncork the Artist (DIY)

16 Chuck E. Cheese

17 Dave and Busters

18 Nickel World 

19 Draftcade 

20 Sylvania Playland 

21 National Museum of the Great Lakes  

22 Take a Class on Saturdays at Sunshine Studio 

23 Surprise kids with an overnight stay at Holiday Inn Express & Suites in West Toledo

Did your favorite place to visit not make the list? Feel free to add to the list in the comments.

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