No Mess Paint & Chalk for Kids (Discount Included)

“Mom, I want to paint!” Why do these five words make moms cringe? Though it sounds like an innocent activity don’t let it fool you, it’s legit a lion disguised as a lamb kind of activity. How so? Well, let’s just say it requires multiple steps, messes are not optional, and ya better be packin loads of patience! 

Your first indicator that you’ve stepped into the arena of a seriously exhausting activity is the fact that it literally requires a wardrobe change. Note to new parents, anything that requires a wardrobe change is going to be mentally, physically, or emotionally exhausting, and in rare circumstances, all 3! (oh, and often, time consuming and possibly expensive) Think about it, t-ball, soccer, hockey, dance, jujitsu, graduation caps and gowns, swim team swimsuits, shoot, snowsuits…getting kids ready to play in the snow is like a mini marathon, but I digress. Where was I? Oh, yes, having kids change clothes, or, to be fair, adding a smock to cover-up their clothing is also an option. Next you need to protect the surface area that they will be painting on and get out paints, brushes, and water…water that will inevitably be too dirty to use after 30 seconds. Finally, after prepping all the essentials that your child needs to paint, it is time, time for your little one to sit down, relax and allow their imagination to flow freely through their brush strokes. 

Five minutes, 300 little droplets of watery paint splashed all over your wall, and 25 soggy masterpieces later and they’re done. That’s right, they’ve managed to complete 25 soggy masterpieces while you were going back and forth dumping dirty water for freshwater. Impressive, right?! Getting tired? You’re not done yet, now begins the clean-up process. First and foremost, mopping up the trail of paint that has dripped throughout the house as your little Picasso journeyed to the kitchen to place his artwork on the refrigerator. Second, the refrigerator which is literally weeping wet paint. Then back to the scene of the crime, I mean the table to remove the remaining dirty water, wipe off and pack away paints, clean brushes, remove & clean off the smock that apparently didn’t fully work because paint still ended up on their pants and in their hair…guess it’s bath time! But you’re actually not entirely done, see those paintings on the fridge are going to end up haunting you in two weeks when you try to unstick them from your fridge while your Mini Monet watches with tears pooling in their eyes as you peel off their masterpieces, inevitably tearing them in the process. Want to avoid this entire scenario at all cost? And speaking of cost, let’s toss in discount too! Chalkola has your back, parents. They offer an array of washable, user-friendly, no splatter, non-leaky, non-toxic, awesome fun art markers for all ages! We’re talking toddlers and preschoolers all the way up to 105.  




Discount Code for 10% off anything in the store: HOLYTOLEDO10

We’re currently obsessed with their acrylic markers…they work great on wood, canvas, rocks, etc. we’ve started our Easter arts & crafting thanks to Chalkola’s minimal mess paint markers!! Thus wanna be the cool mom that allows paint, chalk, etc. in the house but don’t want the mess and work that comes with it? Then you’re gonna wanna head on over to Chalkola’s website and fill up your cart with lots of treasure for your little Picasso, trust me, you’ll be glad you did…and be sure to take advantage of the 10% off discount for Mom on the go in Holy Toledo followers!

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