How To Set Up An Interesting Gaming Station For Your Kids

Decorating an apartment’s interior is a complicated job that requires significant financial investments and a lot of time dedicated to choosing pieces of furniture and all the necessary equipment.

When it comes to furnishing a gaming room, the situation is even more complicated because you have to delve deeper into the product’s performance and consider which vendor offers the best value for money. However, adequate equipment, furniture, decoration, and lighting make up the entire experience of playing games, and real gamers enjoy furnishing their rooms because they know that they are waiting for a phenomenal space dedicated exclusively to their favorite hobby.

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Shop Small, Shop Local 2018 Toledo Guide

There are so many benefit to shopping small, not just on Small Business Saturday, but every day!!

Benefits of Shopping Small, Shopping Local…..

  1. You’ll help create jobs in the community
  2. Your tax dollars stay local.
  3. Small businesses give back to the neighborhood.
  4. Shopping at one local business helps other local businesses.
  5. Small businesses offer more unique products.
  6. It helps keep communities diverse
  7. You lesson the environmental impact of your purchases.


Here are just a few of the many awesome local small businesses located in Toledo & the surrounding area. Please be sure to show them your love and “like”, and/or, “follow” them on social media, and be sure to stop in to the brick and mortar shops, introduce yourself, & inquire about deals, yes, small businesses also have some great bargains!

Bowinkles Children’s Boutique

Phone: 567-455-5939

Address: 5627 Main St, Sylvania, OH 43560


Hours: M-F: 10AM – 5:30PM, SAT: 10AM – 5PM, SUN: CLOSED

Shop local this holiday season with Bowinkles. New Fall and holiday arrivals plus all sales items Buy 2, Get 1 Free!

HarperLee Jewelry


Raw metal transformed into custom keepsake jewelry!

Julia’s Ornaments

Phone: Call or text 419-442-8037



All ornaments are handmade and hand painted….custom orders welcomed, such as names, birthdays, current year, player number for sport related ornaments, and colored glitter. Ornaments cost $10 & $2 to personalize.

LuLaRoe Em Elizabeth

Owner: Emily Sicilia

Phone: 419-806-9242


Clothing for all ages and sizes! Visit the facebook shopping group to enjoy weekly specials throughout the holiday season! Also contact Em to set up an appointment to shop the Toledo Boutique to take advantage of in person specials!

NeverMore Used Bookstore

Phone: (419) 593-0093

Address: 2856 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo, OH 43613


Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 10am-6pm & Friday-Sunday 10am-5pm

Find that hidden gem or a favorite popular fiction or nonfiction book for a great price!! They carry books for the entire family…kids, teens, tweens, young adult, adult. They also take clean, good condition books on trade for in-store credit which buys you 25% off purchases!!

Reger’s Church Supplies & Religious Gifts

Phone: (419) 474-4740

Address: 4100 Secor Rd, Toledo, OH 43623


Hours: Mon – Fri 9:30am – 5pm & Sat 9:30am – 3pm

Get all your Advent & Christmas products here! Reger’s Christian gift store serves all denominations of the Christian faith, including churches, clergy, and individual Christians.

Stella’s Lots of Knots

Owner: Stephanie Bird

Phone: (231) 736-8315


Stella’s Lots of Knots is offering free shipping through the holidays or local pick up! Also, use coupon code LOCAL during checkout to receive 20% off your order!

Thistle and Thorn

Phone: (419) 261-9166

Address: 2746 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo, OH 43613


Hours: Mon-Fri. 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-3pm, & closed Sunday

Thistle and Thorn is a locally owned full service florist and gift shop. See coupon below to save $10!!

Show the following image at checkout to receive $10 off any Fall Arrangement!

Twice But Nice

Phone: (419) 475-7368

Address: 2850 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo, OH 43613


Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10am-7pm & Sunday 11am-5pm

Show the following image coupon to receive $5 off of $30 or more!!

2016 Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway: Perfect Gift Idea for Couples

This Christmas Gift Guide is an awesome resource to help you determine the perfect gift for each of the loves in your life-family, friends, neighbors, teachers, & we can’t forget Fido, or any other furry family members. Since this season is often an overwhelming one for most I have decided to give you something fun to look forward to, how does a giveaway sound? Giveaway DEETS will be at the bottom of each post….so, without further ado…

This week’s Christmas Gift Idea is for the Couples in your life….parents, sister & brother-in-law, in-laws, neighbors, that couple in your church group, friends, etc. This gift offers them the opportunity to eat, drink, play, and watch, all under the same roof!!  And it is something both the ladies & gents will enjoy….


The Perfect Gift for Couples: A Gift Card to Dave & Buster’s!


  • Because though everyone has the best intentions sometimes a cooking class, a night at the shooting range, and/or camping gear don’t always go over well with the couple as a whole.
  • Because Toledo now has a Dave & Buster’s!!!
  • Because what couple doesn’t need a date night?




  • Because of the fun local flavor Dave & Buster’s added to the décor.







  • Because it is so nice to get a break from having to plan a meal, make a meal, & then cleanup said meal! Oh, and the food is unbelievably delicious! The menu is off the hook….they literally have something for everyone; carnivores, herbivores, and they offer an allergy friendly menu too!




  • Because 2 for Tuesdays: $2 Tacos, $2 Select Beers, & 2 FREE Plays with $10 Power Card (open-7pm)







  • Because Happy Hour is Monday-Friday 4-7pm



  • Because ½ off cocktails, $2.50 domestics pints, $1 off 22oz drafts, $1 off glasses of wine & $3 off bottles of wine.









  • Because ½ priced games on Wednesdays, Woohoo!!!! (And the possibility to win COOL prizes…this isn’t your kid’s prize options, wink-wink)





  • Because there are no shortages of screen so you can watch whatever you please! For once there will be no arguing over the remote!


Bonus: If you offer to babysit for free the night the couple uses your gift card your gift will officially get bumped to THE BEST gift in the world!



Win a $25 Gift Card to Dave & Buster’s

How to enter:

1.Share this post with a friend

2. Comment below stating which game you dominate at Dave & Buster’s….or in general 😉

Winner randomly selected November 7th






Discounted Photo Books!! Eeeek! (Promo code included)

We have had an absolute BLAST this summer! All our travels, road trips, all the amazing people we have had the opportunity & pleasure to meet, delicious foods we have eaten, and magnificent time together as a family deserves to be commemorated and treasured for always! I have the best intentions of one day printing off all those pictures and scrapbooking our adventures. But in the meantime, before we retire yet another computer before printing off all the pictures (true story, we are going on computer #3) I am going to get by with a little help from AdoramaPix!


AdoramaPix helps people turn their digital photographs from abstract computer files into beautiful keepsakes designed to last a lifetime. Their custom photo books display captured memories in rich color and vibrant detail.


Thick, durable, professional grade photo paper resists fading & ensures that your photos will be just as colorful for future generations. The binding is lay-flat, so even panoramic images can splash across two pages without any separation (I am envisioning a sweet Panoramic pic of the family in Lake Michigan). Memories deserve to live in a stylish, archival home with AdoramaPix photo books.


Shop NOW:

And I am totally sharing this sweet promo with y’all!!15% off photo books. Use code: PhotoBook15. Sale ends 11/05/2016 11:59 PM EST

I know it seems too early to be thinking about Christmas but just imagine how awesome it would be if you already had some of your Christmas shopping completed before October, WHAT!?! Photo books make awesome grandparent gifts as well as gifts for the kiddos!! (My kiddos so enjoy looking at pics of themselves…not sure what that says about them as people, but, at least I know they will enjoy the photo book).:)

Alright, I am off to work on my photo book….just need to find some sappy music & tissues, possibly a glass of wine, this could get emotional. Why must time go by so fast? WHY!?! (sniffle sniffle)  I will totally be sharing mine once it arrives, please feel free to do the same!

Cheers, to commemorating memories!! (And holding back the tears).


Wrap It! Wednesday’s Gift ideas to keep Mommy Merry and Bright

Let me set the scene….

These make the entire house smell amazing. The nutmeg and cinnamon mixed with the sweet aroma of the potatoes is so comforting.

Here I stand in the kitchen preparing sweet potato stix and Crunch Krispies on a stick, yet again, this time for my daughter’s Girl Scout meeting (it is their thanksgiving feast and her birthday celebration treat) this afternoon (I think I am the one who should be earning a badge!).    Our toddler is running around the kitchen carrying a large Tigger around with her saying “moo, moo” (Not sure where she has seen an orange and black stripped cow, maybe Dr. Oz is right, there is some weird stuff in the children’s juice?) Meanwhile our preschooler is coloring in a Winnie the Pooh coloring book and repeating, “It is not Moo, It is no Moo, It is not Moo”, you get the idea), as Winnie the Pooh plays in the background (if you can’t tell we are getting very excited about our PJ party & Movie Night sponsored by Oral-B, we can’t wait!!).

I have gotten smarter; I am now spraying an ice cream scoop with PAM to form the balls more efficiently.

Had a little fun displaying them this time and I am thinking about making them again (shocking right?) and displaying them as a center piece for a future party.

Anyway, I have somehow managed to block out all the mooing, and, “it’s not mooing”,  and have put my body in auto pilot dipping the Krispies in chocolate, sprinkling with silver sprinkles, cooling, wrapping, etc. (who is kidding who, I have made these darn Crunch Krispies on a stix so many times I could do this in my sleep!).  So I freed up some space in my mommy brain to focus on my mental Christmas gift list and I thought I would share. I personally always appreciate another mother’s perspective.  So here are some gifts this mother would highly recommend and a few that are sure to make some great memories for your friends and family.

If you are looking for a gift for a child between the ages of 4-12 (says 6 but my 4 year-old had no problem with the Disney version) years look no further!  This makes for a fun family game night….

Loving this game!

My sister even joined in the fun!

Disney Hedbanz is so much fun; we went through the entire stack of cards the first time we played.  Unlike other games were I try to shorten the length deliberately I actually found myself sneaking cards back in the pile so we could play longer.

There is also the original version.

Spice up your family game night with the Hedbanz Board Game, a fun, fast-paced, and simple question game that everyone aged 6 and up can enjoy. In a group of two to six players, you’ll draw an identity card for an animal, food, or common object but with one catch–everyone but you will see the card, displayed by the headband on your forehead. The goal is to deduce who or what you are by asking the players questions before the clock runs out. Educational Gameplay for Kids
Hedbanz is not only fun, but inherently educational. Kids will flex their deductive reasoning skills with the game’s simple question-and-answer premise. By making connections and coming up with questions that will lead to answers, kids will also practice creative critical thinking skills.
(Amazon write-up)

If you are shopping for a young lady (ages 6-12) who is on the girly side I highly recommend the Pretty Pedicure Salon. My hubby and I got this for our daughter for her birthday and we had a memorable mommy & me morning the day after Thanksgiving. It was so much fun being able to pamper her.  I gave her a scoop of yogurt to enjoy while she soaked her feet and I gave her a pedicure.  I also let her select a CD to listen to, she chose Muppets: The Green Album.

Pretty heart shaped petals sprinkled in.

The pedicure set is safety tested and skin safe, these cosmetic and body products will make you feel good about yourself inside and out. Deluxe heart-themed pedicure salon kit includes an inflatable pedicure pool, towel, spa slippers, toe separator, nail buffer and file, confetti soap, three bottles of nail polish (including French white), nail art and sparkling rhinestones. After you are finished, store all your supplies in the handy spa tote. (Amazon)

A Special Mommy & Me morning

I won’t quit my day job but they turned out okay.

If you are shopping for any child this CD a perfect fit. The Muppets: The Green Album is fun for the entire family, seriously.  It is not one of those children’s CD’s that require two Advil before listening.  It is tolerable by all family members, even my hubby, and each member of our family now has a favorite song that we take turns listening to.  It is also a great incentive to get the kiddos in the car on time (“whoever gets their coat, boots, mittens, and hat on first and is seated and buckled in the car will get to select what song we will listen to” are the precise words that I uttered this morning, and it worked!).

I have a copy in the car and in the house, yes, that is how much we like this CD.

I am off to run my daughter to all her after school activities (Ever since her social life started mine has been sitting on the back-burner, I use to have a social life too!)

Stay tuned more great gift idea to come!