Ways To Make Your School Playground More Eco-Friendly

To build a sustainable playground for your school, you need to have the right resources that will allow you to reuse equipment and improve the quality of the area to become more eco-friendly. School playgrounds have changed significantly in the last decade due to the rising desire to see more environmentally friendly playgrounds for schools. An excellent way to learn how to build a sustainable playground is to look at our list of ways to make your school playground more eco-friendly.

Use More Recycling Bins

Do more for your school’s playground by using receptacles that have two openings: one for waste and one for recyclables. Teach your students the right way to recycle by providing recycling bins for different purposes. For example, you can use one recycling bin specifically for bottles and cans. Additionally, you may be able to take a field trip to a nearby recycling plant to dispose of the recyclables you collected on the playground. This will help teach your students to keep their areas clean, both at school and at home.

Use Recycled Material

The material you use to build your playground doesn’t need to be brand new. Secondhand materials are often better because they are gently used or have been donated to help give new life to older equipment. Reusing materials in this way helps improve the quality and lifespan of the playground equipment. When looking for materials, steer away from bright colored plastics, as they do more harm than good. Instead, opt for something like a wooden playground. They’re making a comeback because they are more environmentally friendly and are a preferred choice over plastic playground equipment.

Use Nature as a Starting Point

Nature is all around us, and if schools want to avoid intruding on a habitat or causing any damage to the surrounding ecosystem, they should work with nature, not against it. For instance, if there are trees, bushes, and shrubs nearby, build within the perimeter of these plants to ensure the surrounding environment can stay as natural as possible. Also, when creating your school’s playground, consider using energy-efficient lightbulbs or solar-powered lights to help save on energy costs and reduce your energy output.

The history of playgrounds has drastically changed over the years. Today, schools continue to improve their playground to reflect higher-quality materials and a more eco-friendly approach to life. By following the ways to make your school playground more eco-friendly, you’re on your way to providing your school with the right tools to become eco-friendly. In the process, you’ll inspire others to do the same.

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