What To Do With Your Old Damaged Furniture?

Over time, furniture can be exposed to wear and tear. Once your furniture starts to get noticeably damaged, you may think about throwing it away. But this needn’t have to be the only option. There could be ways of putting your furniture to further use. Below are three solutions as to what to do with your old damaged furniture.

Photo by Joanna Bogacz on Pexels.com

Restore it

There are some cases where you may be able to restore old furniture. This is particularly the case when it comes to minor damage. Scuffed and faded cabinets can be brought back to life by simply adding a new lick of paint. With flat-pack furniture, it may be possible to replace broken parts by ordering new parts from the manufacturer.

Antique furniture is particularly worth restoring as some of it can be valuable. This could be a project to take on yourself – you could try sanding or refinishing a marked wooden table or you could even buy some luxurious 24K genuine gold leaf sheets and do some gilding. There are many YouTube videos and blog posts that you can use as a guide.

Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels.com

In some cases, it could be worth hiring a professional to restore your furniture. Sofas are a good example of this – getting your sofa professionally cleaned and refluffed could remove stains and restore comfort, while costing you a lot less than buying a new sofa. Reupholstering could be another option – although slightly more expensive, it could still be a lot cheaper than buying a new sofa.

Photo by Alina Vilchenko on Pexels.com

Repurpose it

There are instances where you may be able to repurpose old furniture. Such furniture could be turned into a quirky and creative new feature within your home.

What are a few examples of repurposing? How about turning an old drawer into a flower box to display in your yard? Or perhaps you could turn an old bathtub into a pond? An old chunky TV could even be converted into a unique fish tank. 

Recycle it

If you have no desire to restore or repurpose your old broken furniture, why not consider recycling it. Wood, plastic and metal parts could be reused for other purposes. This is much more eco-friendly than chucking them in a landfill.

You should start by trying your local recycling center. There will often be various skips here for different materials to recycle. It’s a great place for disposing of old wooden furniture and metal furniture. You’ll need a suitable vehicle to transport your furniture to the recycling center – large furniture may have to be broken down first. 

Alternatively, you may be able to get someone online to pick up your broken furniture from your home for free. This could be someone working for a recycling company or someone simply looking to strip your furniture for parts for their own personal use such as crafts or repairs. You can try charging people to pick up your broken furniture, but in most cases you won’t get any buyers (unless the furniture is very valuable and damage is only minor). 

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