How to Stop Your Dog From Barking With 3 Simple Exercises

Barking is a normal and necessary part of your dog’s daily life. It is a way for them to express themselves and let you know when something makes them uncomfortable or scared.

However, sometimes your dog will bark more than it should. Barking can even startle people in the neighborhood who might call authorities to complain about a barking dog. If this happens, it’s important to find out why your dog is barking. There are several ways to stop your dog from barking; these exercises are three of the most popular ones that have been proven to reduce their barking.

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1. Ignore the Barking

This method is best for barking dogs that want attention from their owners. When the barking begins, try your best to ignore them. Do not let them out of their room or space, interact with them, or yell at them. When they stop barking, reward them with a treat and some positive words. Eventually, your pup will learn that being quiet earns them a treat. Allow your dog to be quiet for longer periods before earning a treat to shake them of this habit. This process can be challenging at times, but it is worth it in the end!    

2. Desensitize Your Dog

One way to stop your dog from barking is to desensitize them. This means becoming more familiar with the source of their fear, which could be anything from a stranger on their walk, a loud noise, or even the wind. Desensitizing your dog can take anywhere from two weeks to three months, depending on how old they are and their fear.

Desensitizing your dog might include playing with them when they’re barking at something that makes them scared, such as playing fetch when they’re afraid of other dogs. It may involve rewarding them for being calm in certain situations, such as giving your dog a treat when they’re not barking. Desensitizing includes exposing them to things that make them uncomfortable, such as giving your dog treats for being calm in front of someone who scares them. 

3. Introduce an Incompatible Behavior

One of the best ways to stop your dog from barking is by teaching incompatible behavior. By introducing a new behavior that they can’t do while barking, you’ll be able to fundamentally change your dog’s mind about how it should behave.

For example, teaching your dog to sit or lay down with treats your pet enjoys is incompatible with jumping around and barking. The reward of a treat will motivate your pet to act rather than bark. In addition, training your dog will also provide your pup with mental stimulation, attention, and an opportunity to bond together.


When your dog barks all day, it can be hard to ignore the noise. Fortunately, there are ways to train your dog to stop barking. These exercises will not only teach your pup how to sit quietly, but they might also help your dog build a better relationship with you and your family.

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