Make a Candle in Toledo and Ignite a Memory to Cherish for a Lifetime

What has the capability of taking you back to a significant moment in time, a special memory, in a split second? It’s the only sense that works in the opposite direction and actually has you reacting emotionally first. In fact, 75% of your emotions are triggered by this sense and are linked to pleasure, well-being, and memory.  So much so that a survey found that 85% of all people remember their childhood when they caught the smell of Crayola crayons. The sense of smell is such a powerful sense that it not only contributes to our emotions and memory, but also to 80% of our taste, and though the expression “love at first sight” is used often, the more appropriate term might be, “love at first smell”, thanks to pheromones. So it’s fair to say that the sense of smell, the olfactory system is one of the most significant senses so why not have an experience that not only will take you back to a special memory in your life but will also have you making a special memory to cherish in the future? Call up your BFF, pick up your mom, schedule that date night, make reservations for a moms night out, or take the most amazing people in your life, your kiddos and go down memory lane together as you share the aroma of various scents while you create your own unique scent and lay down that neural pathway towards a new memory. 


RiverFront Candle Co

Address: 105 Louisiana Ave, Perrysburg, OH 43551

Phone: (567) 331-8761

Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 2pm-7pm, Saturday 11am-5pm, and by reservation (reservations are required for groups of 4+)


Cost: Varies…you can make wax tarts, room sprays, smaller candles, large candles…

Appropriate for what ages: 5+ – 105 years of age

DORA: Sniff and SIP! You can bring in your DORA drink from one of the neighboring establishments to enjoy while you blend 

How it works:

This is meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience so take your time, as you walk along the wall sniffing each “ingredient” in order to come up with a recipe that is uniquely your own! 

I so enjoyed having the opportunity to just slow down, be entirely present at the moment and give my undivided attention to sharing this experience with my children. I found it interesting how each gravitated towards a different “recipe”…one wanting a citrusy experience, another coffee shop, and my eldest a clean comforting scent. 

Then the fun really began, trying to determine the perfect ratio of each scent…some do seem a bit more overpowering than others. 

And once we established that perfect ratio it was time for the pour…shaky hands? Little ones move mid-pour? No worries…

Last but not least, once the recipe has been created the wax does need time to cool so why not extend your quality time with loved ones and have lunch or a shake across the way…

If it’s close to closing time, or if you prefer you can always come back for your projects at a later time. 

Finished product…and now whenever I light my candle and smell the bacon, oatmeal and honey, and syrup I go back to this awesome afternoon that I spent with three of the most amazing individuals in my life, and the emotions I feel are ones of pure joy.

So if you’re looking for a unique date night, moms’ night out, mommy and me date, etc. experience this is one you need to get on your calendar today! For this is an experience that will not only take you back to prior memories but also lay down the pathway of new joy-filled memories.  

What would your candle recipie be? Think of 3 scents you’d mix together…


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