Reasons To Take the Family on a Cross-Country Adventure

Are you looking for an exciting journey this summer? I know piling all the kids into the car and hearing them whine every 10 minutes about bathroom breaks, “Are we there yet,” and “So-and-so is touching me,” may not be the ideal situation. But hear us out! Take a look at these compelling reasons, and you may find that embarking on a cross-country adventure this summer is exactly what your family needs.  

Experience New, Local Cuisine

My family and I love trying new foods. When you’re on a cross-country adventure, everyone will have the opportunity to taste fresh, local cuisine from all the regions you visit. There are flavors and dishes your family may not have the chance to experience unless you’ve ventured to specific areas. 

If you find yourself in New Orleans, try the beignets, jambalaya, and turtle soup. If you’re traveling the Northeast corner of the country, you can’t skip the lobster rolls and clam chowder. When you visit the Pacific Northwest, you have to try the fresh-caught wild salmon. 

Go off the Grid for a Bit

You’re bound to lose cell service at some point in the trip, especially if you’re traveling to more remote locations. It’s also nice to have the family leave phones, tablets, and other devices in the vehicle while you hike, swim, or participate in any exploring method.

Some family members may have a challenging time with disconnecting, but they’ll soon love the memories they created from interacting with the family. Shared experiences make connections and unique bonds that your family can discuss for years to come. 

The Kids Are Growing Up Fast

Unfortunately, nobody is getting younger—the kids included. Once the kids are grown and living independently, it becomes trickier to plan around everyone’s schedules. The same can be said when the children are teenagers and sports and other extracurricular activities dominate their lives. 

Don’t keep the excuse “the kids won’t remember this trip” as the reason you stop yourself from adventuring as a family. Parents will remember the memories, and sometimes, that’s all you need. 

Explore New Places

As a person who’s spent their entire life living in the same area, I can easily forget that this country offers many incredible terrains: the picturesque Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian Trail, the swampy Everglades, and the dry desserts, to name a few. Our country appears to have it all.  

The US is home to some magnificent and diverse national parks. Don’t sleep on visiting these. Each will remind you how beautiful this country is.

Remember to follow cross-country traveling safety tips, no matter your destination. For example, you should take your vehicle in for maintenance and a check-up before hitting the road. The last thing you need is car trouble in the middle of nowhere. We hope these reasons have convinced you to pack up the family and embark on a cross-country adventure this year. Happy travels!

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