Save Your Family Money With These 6 Simple Ideas


Family life can get pretty expensive, and so most of us like the idea of making savings where we can. Saving money doesn’t have to be a complex process, all it takes is a few simple lifestyle changes to get on the right track.

1. Buy pre-loved

Buying pre-loved items is just about the best way to save money for your family. Whether it’s vintage stores, charity stores or apps, there are plenty of options to save money. For a few places to search for second-hand items check out:

  • 5 Miles: Using the 5miles app you can purchase and sell a huge range of items. Whether it’s furniture, children’s toys, clothes or garden tools, there’s plenty to choose from. The 5 Miles app allows you to filter using location, price or style.
  • Wallapop: Download the Wallapop app to get some excellent deals on pre-loved items for your family. It’s not just about saving money it’s also about going green!


2 . Meal Planning 

Pre-planning your family meals (and after school snacks) is the best way to curb your spending and make savings. Sit down on a Sunday and list the meals you’ll make for the week. You can try meal-planning apps to help you. A few popular meal planning apps include.

  • Treehouse Table: It’s simple to plan your meals with Treehouse Table. All you have to do is answer a few questions and the app will provide you with a personalized menu for the week. Questions include prices, time per meal, allergies, and favorite foods.
  • Mealime: Using the Mealime app you can plan your meals for the whole week in just a few minutes. Input your preferences and the app will do the rest!


3. Sell What You Don’t Need

When you sell your unwanted items you can gain back some money and declutter your home in the process. Decluttering can help you to create a more comfortable home and free up some space. To sell your unwanted stuff try Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, or apps such as Decluttr.

4. Face Your Debts

Debt can quickly become overwhelming and it’s impossible to save money if you’re struggling with your debts. Ignoring debts doesn’t do any good and so the best thing to do is to tackle your debts head-on. Choose a debt relief company that can help you to free yourself from debts and regain control of your finances. The Debt To Success System offers a Debt Discharge Membership Program. The program allows you to get rid of all your debts from student loans to credit cards and more. DTSS works hard and is legitimate, check out the website for more information.

5. Shop Around 

Perhaps you could be getting a better deal on your monthly bills? Whether it’s your internet provider, your gas company, or your car insurance? Instead of auto-renewing, your policies try shopping around to see if there are any cheaper deals. 

For example, car insurance in Ohio where I live is luckily not the most expensive of the states but prices are rising in Ohio and are up 110% from last year. Like everything else, by shopping around and comparing policies I can avoid the increases and actually get myself a better deal, adding some extra money to our family’s pocketbook.

6. Grow Your Own Vegetables

Growing your own food can help you to save money on your groceries each month. Growing vegetables is also a fun activity for kids at home. It’s best to start with vegetables that are easy to grow including potatoes, spring onions, peas or tomatoes.

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