Meal Tips for Busy Moms and Includes Giveaway

Busy?! If there is one word all of us moms (and some dads, let’s be fair) have in common it is busy. Whether you are a mother navigating the challenges with a newborn, toddler, tween, or teenager, and it doesn’t matter if you have one child or a dozen, you fluently speak the business of busyness. And meals seem to be where all of us have struggled at some time or another. 

We want to provide our family with homemade healthy nutritious meals where ideally every family member is seated at the dining room table at a set time each day but is that practical? No. I mean, let’s be realistic, the process of actually getting said meal on the table is a feat in itself, first, there’s the planning, then the purchasing, prepping, cooking, and we can’t forget about the cleanup afterward, and ideally, if everyone chips in many hands will make for light work, but when you have to rush off to practice, a lesson, or meeting chances are you don’t have time to finish dinner let alone tackle the cleanup until the next day. Is there a solution? Can an entire family have a nutritious, fast-prepped, and cooked dinner together and still make it to their evening obligations? YES! How? Read on…and be sure to enter for your chance at some cool items that’ll aid in bringing your quality family time back in style!!!  

As a busy mom (yes, I’m working outside the home, but I will be honest, after being both a SAHM and one that works outside of the home I will tell you they are both difficult, in different ways, but each does come with its own challenges…so my hat is off to ALL moms) with two teenagers, one tween, and all three going to different schools and participating in different afterschool activities mealtime is especially important to me, it’s a time to connect, hear about each child’s day and what they have coming up in their schedules. Mealtime definitely ranks high on my list of priorities. And as most of you know, Sunday dinner is non-negotiable, the family is seated around the table, but I’m realistic in knowing that this isn’t something we can do daily, especially with school starting. But just because school is starting doesn’t mean the fun has to end. In fact, back-to-school time is a great time to start a new fun family tradition. Why not join us? What are we doing? We’re picnicking! 

Why picnic? Because it’s easy, fast, and flexible! There’s no shortage of great places to throw down a blanket and have a picnic. I know what you’re thinking, but what about meal planning, prepping, and cleaning? I’ve got that covered too, I’m fully subscribing to the less is more mentality, less time prepping, planning, and cooking means more quality time with my family picnicking!  How exactly?! With the incredible, edible, peeled, ready-to-eat hardboiled egg that meets both my teenagers’ dietary preferences, being both Paleo and Keto (if you know you know, lol! No, in all seriousness it’s great watching them grow into the persons they’re meant to be and I’m thankful those eggs come packed full of protein for this premenopausal momma. Ladies, just an FYI, our muscle mass and bone strength decrease during and leading up to, menopause, thus we need to increase our protein intake. And the fact that eggs contain vitamins D, E, B12, and the inflammation-fighting Omega-3, and the mineral selenium doesn’t hurt either). So, what exactly am I making with these little nutrient-rich eggs that don’t take hardly any time at all to make?  Wraps! 

Family Picnic

Egg Salad Sandwich Wraps:


  • 8 Wraps
  • 16 Hard Boiled and peeled eggs (we use 2 per wrap @ 2 wraps each)
  • ½ cup Mayonnaise
  • (To taste) Tajin Seasoning  
  • Avocado (optional)


Mash the eggs, then mix in the Mayonnaise and add Tajin seasoning (it can be spicy). Place mixture in the center of the wrap, add a few slices of avocado (optional), and wrap. Then wrap each wrap individually in parchment paper (you can use a sharpie to identify which ones have more seasoning or avocado slices). Then place all the wraps in a Ziploc bag. 

This recipe is not only quick, simple, and provides nutrients, it’s also cost-effective…eggs have become our go-to for meals as of late. That being said we are vigilant about making certain they are refrigerated properly. Eggs must be refrigerated, any meal with egg in it or sauces or condiments with eggs in them must also be refrigerated (rule of thumb is that an egg product should NOT be left out past 2 hours, if it has, or better yet if you’re not certain when in doubt, throw it out, don’t make your family sick). This is why my kiddos know that when we pack a picnic with eggs we first fill up a ziplock with ice and then we sandwich or wrap them between the ziplock and place them in the insulated bag. I’m also a huge fan of really cold wraps and these are spot-on delicious! For more info on egg safety click here.  

The remainder of our meal is easy-peasy too! I just grab whatever fresh raw veggies and fruit we have on hand and then we splurge with something for a little crunch, kids enjoy these crackers or chips. You don’t have to overthink the picnic, just use whatever you have on hand. Unfortunately, I think when we overthink the food we end up just not doing it because we don’t have certain ingredients we think we HAVE to have, I’m here to tell you, as long as you have the eggs you can make this work…you can use bread, or lettuce wraps, then grab whatever you have in your fridge or pantry as sides…remember it’s about the quality time together not necessarily the presentation or lengthy food options. 

I enjoyed my picnic with my kiddos, we talked about all the fun we had this summer, what they’re looking forward to this school year, what they’re a bit nervous about, and we discussed what we will be having at our next picnic dinner. The theme is breakfast…. 


Ohio’s egg farmers are celebrating Family Fun Month by giving away five summer picnic packages. Enter for a chance to win the $500-value grand prize, or a $250 gift card to purchase all the ingredients to pack your basket. The grand prize includes a cooler, a deviled egg carrier, food storage containers, a bamboo cheese board, and gift cards to fill your picnic basket.


The giveaway ends 8/31 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Five winners will be randomly selected and contacted via social media or email by the Ohio Poultry Association.  One $500-value grand prize and four $250-value prizes will be awarded. Must be an Ohio resident. 

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