Things To Consider When Choosing a Midwife

There are a number of reasons a pregnant person may choose to have a midwife walk alongside their journey. For many, it’s an easy decision to make. But for some, it’s challenging to consider the option when there isn’t enough information. Let’s take a closer look at some common considerations when it’s time to choose a midwife.

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A Midwife’s Training and Education

Always consider the midwife’s training and education as a matter of importance. These individuals will provide you with care during the most vulnerable moments in your life, so it’s vital that they have the education and training to withstand the needs of labor and delivery.

A certified nurse-midwife and a certified midwife will have thorough and advanced education under their belt. These individuals are parallel to nurses with the addition of high education in midwifery. All CNMs and CMs will have an accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education. Most often, a CNM or CM can take care of a woman in all her health needs, from pregnancy to postpartum to general gynecological care.

The Difference Between a Midwife and a Doula

A midwife and a doula are often confused as the same thing. But it’s essential to note the differences to understand which is right for you.

A midwife will receive higher education and advanced accreditation compared to a doula, who will receive certification and training in being a support and guidance to a mother. A doula isn’t a healthcare provider and shouldn’t provide medical suggestions, advice, or practice medicine.

Does a Midwife Align With Your Values?

The history of medical midwifery would suggest that a midwife to a laboring mother was a significant part of the experience and journey into motherhood. These highly trained individuals carry a set of values and beliefs that the woman’s pregnancy and labor experience are sacred and should remain protected from sabotage.

When considering a midwife for yourself, ask yourself how aligned this individual is with your labor and delivery goals, and consider if they are the right fit to commit to your process.

Will Health Insurance Cover a Midwife?

It’s always in your best interest to learn what your medical insurance will cover regarding pregnancy, labor, and delivery. It’s expensive to have a baby, so before signing anything with a midwife, ensure you can cover the cost.

While most insurance providers will cover or help cover the cost of a midwife, it’s always best to read through your plan to confirm. Another thing to consider is if the midwife will accept your coverage services.

Creating a plan and building your support village is a significant step in ensuring you have the childbirth experience you desire. If a midwife is right for you, take a few of these things into consideration and make sure your and your baby’s safety is a priority.

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