Crate Training Your Dog: Tips To Help You Succeed

Being a dog parent is a wonderful joy, but it’s not so fun when you leave them alone, and they have accidents, destroy furniture, or tear up your clothes. Introducing a crate can help your dog feel safe and secure while the family is away. It can also become their private area to escape to if they need a break from their favorite humans. The following tips will help you crate-train your dog successfully. 

Ensure the Crate Is Comfortable

Making a cozy and comfortable crate will help make your dog feel safe and more likely to make crate training a success. Add a suitable-sized dog bed, a soft blanket for your dog to cuddle into, and a few of their favorite toys. 

Ensure You Pick the Right Sized Crate

You need to pick out the right-sized crate depending on the size of your dog. You don’t want one too small or too large. If you’re a puppy owner, purchase a crate that will fit the adult size of the breed and buy a divider to create the perfect-sized space. 

It’s also important to note that many people use the words crate and kennel interchangeably. The truth is there’s a difference between kennels and crates. Kennels are for outdoor use, and crates are for inside use. Don’t accidentally purchase a kennel for inside your house! 

Place the Crate in a Frequently Used Room

Don’t tuck the crate away in a dark corner of your home. Instead, put it in your living room, family room, or kitchen. Select an area where the family gathers so your dog doesn’t have to be alone. Your furry friend will still feel part of the family while working on crate training.

Hand Out Treats When Y.our Dog Enters the Crate

Positive associations are essential for successful dog training. This tip is a vital one. Coax them into the space with a few of their favorite dog treats. It will excite them, and your dog will associate going into their crate with receiving a special treat, helping them get used to being comfortable in it for extended periods. It’s all about that positive reinforcement. 

The above tips will help you successfully crate-train your dog. Focus on positive associations, creating a safe space, and ensuring the crate is the right size. Your dog will enjoy the crate in no time. 

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