The Importance of Using Toner in Your Skin-Care Routine

Facial toner has long been a debated part of the skin-care routine. Many people argue whether using it is really necessary or just another way for companies to sell a product. The truth is, it depends on what you’re trying to get out of your skin-care routine. Here, we’ll review the importance of using toner in your skin-care routine so that you can decide for yourself if you should start using one.

What Is Toner?

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding skin toners and what they do, but their main job is to cleanse the top barrier of your skin. Toners are mostly comprised of acids such as the ever-popular salicylic acid, but they come in many formulas designed to do different jobs and to benefit different skin types. For people who are looking for moisture, toners can also contain hyaluronic acid to draw moisture to the surface of the skin. And if you’re looking to even out your skin tone, you can find toners packed with vitamin C.

Typically, you use a toner after you’ve cleansed your face and before you start putting on the rest of your skin-care products. 

What Does Toner Do?

Toners take off all the oil, dirt, and excess dead skin still lying on the surface of the skin after you’ve finished cleansing. This allows your serums, oils, and moisturizers to further penetrate the skin and work more efficiently. For example, if you’re looking to remedy dry skin, a toner can sweep up the excess dirt so that your moisturizer has a better chance of penetrating your skin.

Who Should Use Toners?

The truth is that everyone could benefit from adding a toner to their skin-care routine. Because toners come in such a wide array of formulas, they can benefit dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, and combination skin. You just have to pay attention to the ingredients. For instance, if you have dry skin, you’ll want to avoid toners with alcohol in them and stick with a product that will draw moisture to the skin, such as hyaluronic acid. Then, you’ll want to apply a quality occlusive afterward.

Understanding the importance of using toner in your skin-care routine will help you make better and more informed decisions so that you can get the healthy, glowing skin of your dreams.

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