Best Casual Dining Experience in Toledo for Families (giveaway)

Mom needs a night off from cooking, Dad can’t miss the game, and about the most dressed up the kids are going to get is wearing their “good” hoodie, bruh! So where’s a family to go?  The one place that checks all the boxes, Old Bag of Nails Pub!  It literally meets every family member’s needs…

Why moms are huge fans…

First and foremost moms get the night off from cooking…I mean, we could just stop right there, am I right ladies? That’s enough in my book, as long as I’m not cooking or doing the dishes I’m a happy camper. But I suppose if you could throw in a variety of menu options that’d be great too! What do you have a taste for? You name it and chances are they have it…burger, seafood, salad, tacos, fries, broccoli, wings, veggies….see full menu here.

The wait staff is welcoming, accommodating, and kind. The restrooms are clean. However, the main reason moms will quickly become huge fans of this casual relaxing dining experience, is NO COMPLAINING! Moms can actually enjoy quality time with their family over dinner and not be bombarded with whining, critical complaining, or anyone rushing to leave, why?  Because their family is actually enjoying the experience too! 

Best Reuben!

Why dads are huge fans…

Wings, burgers, beer, game, still spend quality time with the family and the wife is happy. And the price is right…affordable, it actually fits in the family mealtime budget, which can be difficult especially when feeding teens.

Why are kids huge fans…

Bruh…where do I start? You can wear whatever you want, nothing fancy. You can eat your food with your fingers. Let me repeat, you can eat your food with your fingers! Parents are happy and it turns out that quality family time isn’t so bad in the right environment.

Finger foods for the win!

Finding a restaurant that checks off all your family member’s boxes is like finding the gold at the end of the rainbow! Moms, you deserve that gold…and chocolate cake! I almost forgot, check this out….

For a limited amount of time this beauty is on the menu and is only $7!!! Quality time with the family is definitely important but so is self-care, especially as a caregiver…who needs a night out with the gals? How does a glass of wine or cocktail and chocolate cake sound? Mom on the go and Old Bag of Nails Pub are teaming up to give away a $25 gift card. 


Congratulations Maria Miller, you are the winner of the gift card. An email has been sent to your inbox.


1- Comment below indicating who you’re taking with you for an evening out, are you opting for quality time and dinner with the fam or a night out with the gals?

2- Share this post.

The winner will be randomly selected on December 22nd at midnight.  

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