Savvy & Functional Basement Playroom Ideas and Tips

Your home is filled with kids’ laughter and happiness, but somehow you feel it’s becoming rather small for their needs. Rooms are becoming crowded with toys, crayons, books, and other stuff you don’t understand the purpose of, but they are precious to the little artists in your home. You need more room for all this stuff, but you have only as much space as your house can provide. Then suddenly click! you remember that your basement will be big enough to make a perfect place for all their clutter and toys. It’s easy when the weather is friendly and they play outside, but cold and rainy days won’t be a trouble anymore when you repurpose your basement and make a wonderful playroom for your little ones to enjoy. 

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Clear out your basement

You already have a project in your head and you’re ready to start. So clear out your basement first, check out the walls for any signs of humidity, and determine the space for the playroom. Check the floor and give it a nice new coating of cement, as well as another coating of insulation because kids just love playing on the floor. There are different types of insulation, so click here for more information. Add some additional wall insulation as well, to keep the space extra cozy. After all that is done, it is time to paint the walls and add some flooring for the playing area. Wooden flooring is a great option as it is warm and easy to clean. Top everything off with a nice, thick rug, and voila – your kid’s playroom is ready for its little tenants.


If you have a nice, warm, wooden floor there is no need for too many carpets. Interlocking foam mats and tiles of different carpets for different areas will be just fine. And remember that all these should be easy to clean. Finally, it is best not to use big carpets, especially not those wall-to-wall carpets so you can easily clean and replace them as needed.

Keep the lights high

Basements are usually not very bright, so you’ll also need to install new lighting. It is best to use ceiling LED lighting, but keep it out of the reach of kids. 

Make the walls bright 

To give the basement playroom more light, you should choose some bright colors for the walls. Do not use only one, give each wall a different color and even add some interesting patterns. Use some stimulating red, positive waking yellow, communication-improving orange, soothing green, and calming blue patterns in different areas of the room.

Organize playing areas

Playrooms should inspire kids’ creativity and give them a sense of freedom to do whatever they feel like at the moment, including different arts and crafts. This is the space where they can play and exercise and be safe at the same time.  You should organize different areas in the playroom for different kinds of games. 

There should be a dollhouse playing area for the girls who love to play with dolls. Apart from the dollhouse, they should have enough room to play with baby dolls, and make little beds, toy kitchen cabinets, and cookware. Also, don’t forget to install a blackboard so they can freely draw with chalk, and yet your walls stay clean. Install a basketball hoop for your little sports person and include a quiet nook with a soft little bed and comfy pillows and cushions for those who like to read or play quietly. 

Organize furnishing

After playing, kids are supposed to clear up the toys they placed all around the room. Organize the compartments where the toys will be stored after use. Kids can use only the lower compartments but don’t worry, those on the top can be used for something other than toys. In a house, an extra compartment is always welcome. Ideally, use open cabinets with easy-to-move baskets where toys can easily be stored away.

Keep in mind that kids won’t be kids forever, so you’ll need to change the concept of the playroom sooner or later, which is why you should refrain from buying expensive furniture pieces. Instead, reuse, repurpose, and go for second-hand options whenever possible.

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