6 Weeks’ Worth of Swim Lessons in 3 Days!

Busy this summer but want the kiddos to take swim lessons? Can’t commit to 6 weeks’ worth of swim lessons? How do 6 weeks in 3 days sound? 

I’ve been a mom for almost 17 years and in that amount of time, I’ve heard one too many tragic stories about a child drowning. when it comes to water,  safety needs to ALWAYS be at the forefront. 

Sadly, I still recall the story of a child that drown while attending a large pool party with ample adults yet each adult assumed the other was surveying the pool. There is an assumption that drowning is loud with splashing and yelling and screaming, it is not, it is silent, and there is no warning. This is why I’m so adamant about water safety. EVERY child should know how to swim, float, how to remain calm in the water until help arrives. And to be prepared if there ever is a situation where they find themselves falling overboard, or somehow in deep waters. Children should not live in fear of water but have respect for it, and become comfortable around and in water. This is why I’m so excited to share the following news…

SafeSplash is offering SwimJams!!!

What are SwimJams? 

SwimJams provide six weeks’ worth of lessons in just 3 days, you’re busy 

Where: Both locations (Holland & Perrysburg)

Duration: Take 6 weeks of lessons in 3 days!!

Total Cost: per kid is $199 (cost includes reg fee)

Class size: Group Classes (4 swimmers per class/instructor)

Length: Each session is 1 hour long, three days in a row; Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

Session #1: June 6-8

Session #2: June 13-15

Session #3: June 20-22

To enroll:

In Holland: Email Taylor at talbain@safesplash.com or call or call (419) 868.2998

In Perrysburg: Email Adrienne at aheckman@safesplashswimlabs.com or call (419) 868.2998

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