Mom, you kinda look like a homeless person



“Mom, you kinda look like a homeless person”. “Thanks son, that’s the look I was going for, sounds like I nailed it!” I exclaimed as we made a mad dash to the car. This is not the morning I had anticipated! It all started with my phone alarm not going off. Well, technically it did I just didn’t have the volume high enough, or on, clearly a manufacturer’s flaw!! So we overslept.

I rushed downstairs to scramble eggs. Why eggs? Why not a simple breakfast of cereal & milk? Because I hate myself! No, really, it was my genius idea to have healthier breakfasts so I only bought oatmeal & eggs. There is literally no cereal in our house, no bars, nothing remotely convenient!! Oh how I strongly dislike myself sometimes!!!! (I am also trying to not use the word hate, because it is just a horrible word…but honestly if it was possible to kicked my own butt this morning I would have!!) While the children grumbled about the eggs I ran upstairs and grabbed clothes off my floor to wear. Yes, sometimes I am worse than the children! Then the scavenger hunt began! What, you don’t havethose at your house in the morning!? We were all frantically searching for a jeans pass because my 3rd grader wasn’t going to wear her school dress code pants & she just received a pass in her student of the month packet….our little responsible student of the month! See the irony in that? But I was interrupted and had to forfeit my place in the scavenger hunt to help the 4 yr. old that just spilt water all over the pants she was going to wear to school!! So I hit up the dirty clothes pile in search of the least dirty pants. And I found a winner!!  We rushed downstairs where we hurried along the finishing touches.

I did the girls hair. I put adorable pigtail braids in one and bun in the other; I must admit I was quite pleased and astonished at my mad hair skills this morning. And then I turned my head for a moment and the adorable pigtail braids were out!! Grrrr!!! Mind you I hadn’t even run a brush through my own hair and now I had to do my 4 yr. olds hair a second time!! And with a mere five minutes till we had to be in the car. Infuriating!! I had to fix it. She looked like a wild child, like her hair had literally been through a hurricane; she looked like, like me!!

So I stood there with my own hair all disheveled. 3rd grader was telling me the latest happenings on animal planet…she is like a walking animal encyclopedia that doesn’t have a mute button. I love her to pieces but this morning I didn’t need to hear all about the paragon falcon for the 8th time!! Meanwhile the 1st grader, the inventor, was completing the charging station he created with Legos and was in desperate need of help getting 2 tiny Legos separating!! It took everything in me not to chuck those little Legos across the room. I managed to separate them, break a nail in the process but it was a small price to pay and there wasn’t much blood. But we were getting down to the wire. I rushed to put 4 yr. olds hair in a ponytail. I stood there brushing her hair when all of a sudden this warm, wet sensation hit my pant leg and filled my shoe. It was pee!! The puppy peed on me! He literality peed on me! And with no time to spare we made a mad dash out the door.  And that is when my sweet son looked up at my disheveled hair, stained shirt, peed on pants, and shoe filled with urine that he so kindly exclaimed, “Mom, you kinda look like a homeless person”.

This experience really got me thinking about how blessed I am. I was able to come home, brush my hair, shower, change my clothes, etc. but there are so many who are homeless who do not have that luxury. Who do not have clean clothes!! But what if there was a way that you could help clothe the homeless? And what if there might also be something in it for you? Do I have your attention now? Clothe Ohio does just that!!

MaddyLEGO 020

Born out of a desire to help the less fortunate in our great state, Clothe Ohio is a company that gives when you get. Combined with our love for producing comfy, artsy, yet fashionable Ohio apparel, donating clothing was an undeniable solution to fulfilling our passion to give back.


 With each order placed, we will give a new t-shirt or sweatshirt to an Ohioan in need. Teaming up with different non-profits and charitable organizations throughout the state, we are able to give directly to the people who need it most.

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 Join the movement now to help Clothe Ohio!!!

If I may add, they have some real jazzy inventory! And they have swag for various cities too! Do you have friends who were an Ohioan but now resides out of state? This makes a fabulous gift…add a few local goodies and they will be praising your name! It is always fun to receive goodies from home & support such an amazing cause!! Or if you just want to tick off some Michigan fans, lol!! And fyi- you might want to buy a few shirts, just incase that one on the bedroom floor is actually dirty, or in case your child spills water on it, or your puppy pees on it, you will always have a spare!!

Disclosure: I received Clothe Ohio shirts for review, no other compensation was received, all thoughts & opinions are my own.

Time to extend an olive branch?

While watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey this season (comprehension of this post is not dependent upon viewership of the show) and observing the terrible grudge that has transpired, virtually separating a family, I find myself questioning my future interest in the show. While watching these two sides bicker I find myself becoming heated, furious at the fact that these adults are allowing this to occur, that they are allowing an entire family to become divided. The adults are causing the elders distress and separating cousins and future generations all because of a misunderstanding basically brought on by personal insecurities that resulted in a disagreement.

I couldn’t help but think of the RHNJ’s families as I sat on the steps at my Great Aunt and Uncle’s cottage on the 4th of July. An overwhelming sense of gratitude and appreciation came over me. These were the same steps that I sat on every 4th of July when I was a young child and my father when he was a child and my grandparents when they were young parents. How fascinating, right!? I mean to think that all the memories made and treasured by each generation could have been nil if my grandmother and her sister had let a grudge fester.  If that had happened none of us would even know each other now. I would not know that not only are our cousins beautiful on the outside but on the inside too. I am so grateful for the behavior the past generations in our family have exercised and modeled for the present generations.



Now don’t get me wrong I understand that quarrels happen in families. Shoot, just the other day my sister and I got into a disagreement about the weather. After a few minutes we apologized and vowed to only discuss religion and politics from that moment on, lol! I realize this was just a small quarrel and sometimes an olive branch isn’t enough, sometimes you need to extend the entire tree. No matter how you start, with a leaf, branch, or tree it is important that you do it!

The health issues affiliated with holding a grudge should be reason enough to extinguish any animosity and practice forgiveness.

Research has shown that the stress that accompanies suppressed anger resulting from unforgiveness can lead to mental and physical health problems. Some studies have even suggested that trait anger directly increases a person’s risk for cardiovascular disease. Source    

But grudges are not limited to families.  They occur in friendships, with neighbors, community members, etc. too.  Ever come across someone you haven’t seen in years and they say the most peculiar thing to you? Like they have been holding onto something for quite some time? But when they explain it you have no recollection? Either they remembered it wrong or perhaps something did happen in the past but you didn’t realize it bothered them.  Either way it is in the past. How sad that they allowed it to build up and fester for all these years. It really is ashamed because the only person they harmed was themselves. Now imagine if they had simply confronted you years ago. Kindly acknowledge the issue and you could have had a discussion and settled all misunderstandings, apologized, and been forgiven. That individual could have then had moments, situations, events in life back…the ones in which they had allowed their own anger towards you to rob themselves from possible joys.


Like the Matthew West song lyric states….

It’ll clear the bitterness away

 It can even set a prisoner free

 There is no end to what it’s power can do

 So, let it go and be amazed

 By what you see through eyes of grace

 The prisoner that it really frees is you


 Forgiveness, Forgiveness

Do you know of a family that has been affected by a grudge? Have you ever held a grudge, how did it make you feel? Do you need to extend an olive branch? Or, maybe you wish someone would forgive you? Please share…this is a no judgment zone you words will be met with kindness and understanding.