What Are Good Types of Clothing For a Baby?

Baby clothing terminology can be a little confusing because there are so many distinct terms. You can buy several types of clothing for your baby, depending on the season. For instance, if your child is born in spring, you should purchase waterproof outerwear made of plastic or rubber. Cotton will keep them warm in colder weather, but it tends to hold water and not dry quickly. Wool is a better choice for inner layers because it absorbs water and keeps your baby warm.

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Update: This Giveaway has been extended through the end of July.

Can you recall the moment you found out you were going to be a mother? For me it was the third morning in a row that I refused coffee, me, refuse coffee, that is a crazy concept! My inclination was confirmed after taking a pregnancy test.  The emotions that followed were so powerful, instant joy…quickly followed by worry…..rapidly accompanied by panic.  I felt like Cinderella, like my fairy Godmother had just transformed me into something amazing, it was magical. Then the clock struck midnight and reality hit and what preceded was shock! I am pregnant….I don’t know how to be pregnant….what is normal…what isn’t normal….what if I screw this up…….what if I eat the wrong food and my child has extra limbs because of it……am I going to have to buy granny panies…..can I still be intimate with my hubby…….labor…oh God, labor…..worse, delivery….what if I don’t have the strength….and those questions kept coming, one after another.  Then, upon hearing our exciting news my mother gave me a wonderful gift, What to Expect When Your Expecting. Inside the front cover she even addressed a person message to my hubby and me;

As you begin your journey as parents look for knowledge and pray for wisdom. Love always and God Bless, Mom & Dad

Ah….relief.  Being the wise woman she is, my mom just gave me the best thing to ease my pregnancy and pre-motherhood worries, she gave me knowledge, she gave me What to Expect When Your Expecting  or, better known as, the expect mom’s bible.  I carried my copy of What to Expect everywhere….to the grocery store, work, doctors appointments, mall, you name it and it was in my bag. I was constantly referencing and easing worries and concerns that coincide with……is this normal? I took it with me to the hospital to labor and deliver. Of course I had read the entire book by that point and it is a good thing I did because our little bundle of joy was born “sunny-side up”, or posterior, and had the cord wrapped around her neck twice.   But the book prepared me for any and all outcomes and I felt rest assured.  While in the hospital I reread the section on breastfeeding, postpartum, and more……mom was right, knowledge is the key!

After the birth of our first child we decided to do it again….and again three years later. And yes, I still referenced my, What to Expect When Your Expecting with my third pregnancy. The book is right, each pregnancy is totally different.

So, fast forward to today and we have a 6-year-old, 4-year-old, and 22 month old and I have to be honest, I have not referenced a What to Expect book in a while. I totally by-passed the What to Expect the First Year (But after reading through it I wish I could go back and do it all over again with that book of knowledge….hmm gives me an idea….baby # 4?).  Since I have 3 children, you would think I have it all figured out by now, or at least I thought I did, that is until I read What to Expect the Second Year. Hello! How could I have let my foolish pride keep me from purchasing this book! Talk about valuable information.  There is an entire section on Treating Toddler Injuries, totally could have used that, especially with our son, he was/is prone to “trying to fly” accidents (why must Super Hero’s fly!?!).

I have come to the realization that it doesn’t matter if you are a first time mom or this is your 15th time around, there is always something you need a refresher course on. What I have really found helpful in, What to Expect the Second Year, is the Disciplining your Toddler; What Discipline is…and Isn’t. How quickly we forget.  This book has really helped me express how a Toddler acts to my older two children too, in addition to a considerable amount of additional knowledge I had since forgotten.

Okay, enough about me, this is where you come in………

What to Expect.com has generously team up with me to host a giveaway to celebrate this wonderful book series. In honor of the ease, calm, peace, understanding, knowledge, and yes, as my mother stated, wisdom that has evolved as a result of the priceless advice discussed in the What to Expect Series I am giving away the first three books in this series to TWO lucky readers!

Two lucky readers will receive:

What to Expect When Expecting

•What to Expect the First Year

•What to Expect the Second Year

To enter this giveaway you must follow Mom on the go in Holy Toledo publicly, and leave a comment telling me which book you will enjoy the most. Please include your email. You must do this before you complete any of the extra entries! Even if you are a been-there, done-that mom remember the What to Expect Book series is a great refresher course and also makes a great gift for an expecting mom, dad, grandmother, caregiver, etc. so enter yourself and a friend!!

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Good luck to everyone!