Things That Lactation Consultants Want You To Know

During pregnancy, many moms-to-be make the decision that they want to breastfeed. When the moment finally arrives after childbirth, some realize the difficulty of this facet of nurturing. Breastfeeding is a natural, innate act between a mother and her baby, yet that doesn’t mean the pursuit always comes naturally. 

Fortunately, lactation consultants can assist with the learning process and answer any questions nursing mothers have along the way. Here is a list of things that lactation consultants want you to know to meet your breastfeeding goals successfully.

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Common Questions (And Answers) For New Mothers

No matter how much you prepare, you’ll always have questions once you bring your newborn home from the hospital. Don’t worry—no one expects you to know everything. Doing your research and asking for help are both part of the parenting process. In fact, many new mothers have the same burning questions about their babies’ health and habits. Remember to always consult your pediatrician or other trusted healthcare provider when you need to. In the meantime, explore these common questions (and answers) for new mothers.

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